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Veranderingen voor v7.21 - v7.22

  • We're happy to announce that this release contains many improvements suggested by our users. Yes, we value your feedback! It also contains several bug fixes noticed by other users.
  • • Improved cleaning in Thunderbird. Now history of recently used email addresses separated from common history. You will see additional checkbox for that area. Few users asked us not to delete collected addresses in bulk with the other history.
  • • Improved cleaning of temporary files. Now, annoying folder "Tempzxpsign" which appears in Local folder will be deleted too, because its a garbage that placed in a wrong place. Just check option "Temporary files and folders" under Windows OS list.
  • • Added cleaning of cache in "Google Earth" program.
  • • Added cleaning of WaterFox browser, another clone of FireFox.
  • • Added cleaning of log files and cache in "IObit Uninstaller" program.
  • • Added cleaning of cache and history in VirtualDJ program.
  • • Added cleaning of garbage in "Pale Moon" browser (another clone of FireFox).
  • • Improved user interface for cleaner view: removed progress image from the progress screen, remove advertising from the main screen, improved stats on the main screen, increased size of main buttons on the main screen.
  • • Added quick link in the program settings to access Windows System Restore interface.
  • • Added support for "Autodesk Pixlr" image editor, from now on you can delete history of recently used elements.
  • • Added support for FastStone Image Viewer, also, you can delete history of recently used folders.
  • • Added support for GIMP 2, image editing software, you can delete history of activity and information about recent session.

Veranderingen voor v7.19 - v7.20

  • Small update that includes some code cleaning and improvements. This update released as regular maintenance, which will help us release new features in the future. Anyway, its recommended for installation, even if there is no visual changes for you, but for us, developers, it was important.

Veranderingen voor v7.07 - v7.19

  • CRITICAL UPDATE. This update is very important. It fixes critical bug, please install as soon as possible.
  • • Details about the problem. Recently we have moved to a new server and the new software on our new server was not compatible with old versions of our programs. The problem was in conflict between two security protocols: our programs use TLS version 1.0, but new server accepts only TLS version 1.2. Because of that all programs which we have released before will be unable to communicate with the server. If you will not install this update you will not be able to receive updates in the future, subscribe, activate or anything else that requires interaction with the server. Your program will be disconnected forever. Please accept our apologies, this situation made a lot of pain to us, we really didn't like to update all programs at once, but this is the only one solution.
  • • Added support for security TLS version 1.2.
  • • Added security patch for updates, to prevent such situation in the future.
  • • Cleaning of cache of windows update improved.

Veranderingen voor v7.05 - v7.07

  • We're going to add more security to our program - we're expanding preferences area! This update doesn't include all the changes, but it have many starting points which is in development. Some of them already available to use. We will keep our work concentrated on security by adding more tools within next few months! But lets review all the changes:
  • • Added cleaning options. Now you can securely erase computer tracks and garbage, without any chance for deleted data to be recovered! This function available partially and still in development.
  • • Added agent in the tray. This small tool will be helpful in the future, it will monitor garbage in real time, and remove it, if needed. This function available partially and still in development.
  • • Added support for browser Cent 2.
  • • Added support for browser Epic 55.
  • • User interface improved. Now you can't click links which should not be clicked during some operations. Previously such clicks resulted in a program crashes.
  • • User interface cleaned: elements moved for better visual performance.
  • • Introducing "Professional version"! From now on some functions of the program will be available to you after additional paid registration. This will give us great motivation to develop updates and new releases for the program. Don't worry, registration is optional and you still can use main functions of the program for free.
  • 7.06 • 25 Mar 2017
  • This is minor update which includes advanced support for browser based on the Chromium project and some other small improvements. May be you will not notice them, but for us it's important. Also, visible changes are:
  • • Added support for browser Kinza.
  • • Added support for browser UC_Browser.
  • • Added support for browser FlashPeak_SlimJet.
  • • Added support for browser Vivaldi.
  • • Support for browsers Torch, Comodo_Dragon and Yandex_Browser was improved.
  • • Removed garbage in the program files folder.
  • • Links in the menu of the program was re-arranged, now you will see only one link "About the program" which will open links to all our resources, such as: updates, activation, feedback and others.

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