Versie historie van ClamWin (PortableApps)

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Veranderingen voor v0.98.1 - v0.98.4.1

  • This release updates ClamAV scanning engine to the latest version and brings following improvements:
  • Added support for Office Open XML files
  • Fixed a bug in Outlook scanning module introduced in 0.98.4 release
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements

Veranderingen voor v0.98 - v0.98.1

  • Support for new file formats and archives: DMG, XAR, Xz
  • Improvements in scanning of Microsoft OLE files
  • Various other improvements

Veranderingen voor v0.97.6 - v0.97.7

  • Several potential security bugs have been fixed

Veranderingen voor v0.97.5 - v0.97.6

  • Scanning code optimizations

Veranderingen voor v0.97.4 - v0.97.5

  • Improved bytecode signature loading
  • Improved handling of tar archives and chm files
  • Various performance improvements

Veranderingen voor v0.96.4 - v0.97

  • Quarantine Browser with an option to restore quarantined files
  • Digital signature verification method to minimize false positive detections
  • Other bugfixes and improvements

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