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Versie historie van AgaueEye

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Veranderingen voor v0.49 - v0.50

  • refine Ryzen/Ryzen 2 temperature offset.
  • add override VSYNC setting, in DX10,11,12, OpenGL, it accroding VSync, for DX8, DX9, 1 = 60, 2 = 30, 3 = 20.
  • new algorithm for FPS calculate, now it more precise.
  • fix memory leak in HDD monitor(if HDD window i show up).
  • tooltip of Fan Control to help recognize temperature/fan relationship.
  • more GPU support.
  • more motherboards support.
  • more games support.
  • minor bugs fixed

Veranderingen voor v0.45 - v0.49

  • fix AMD Ryzen Cores/Threads count incorrect.
  • fix Ryzen 2200G/2400G with RX Vega Graphics video memory incorrect in Information panel.
  • fix Ryzen 2600/2600X/2700/2700X temperature incorrect on some motherboards.
  • change Ryzen Core Clock behaviors, now will report Core Clock instead of single-clock.
  • installer update, now you can change installer location.
  • introducing Fans Control(Beta), now you can control CPU/GPU and all motherboard fans with profile and temperature, please check notes before use it. (see)
  • made improve overlay performance more stable.
  • new lock icon in Main Window, now you can lock all windows by click lock icon of left top corner, once lock, all AgaueEye windows will be locked, prevent game screen change to annoy your windows position.
  • more GPU support.
  • more motherboards support.
  • more games support.
  • minor bugs fixed

Veranderingen voor v0.43 - v0.45

  • support Intel Extreme 6th(X99) cpu dram parse.
  • fix AMD A10 with Graphics CPU problem(review).
  • fix some old Intel CPU detect fail.
  • support more motherboards, like ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING and more.
  • introducing Notification System with notification, the system will help to aware if CPU/GPU is reach limit.(see)
  • add minimum option for main window.
  • more games support.
  • fix DRAM speed may not display correct in Notebook because onboard DRAM can't read.
  • minor bugs fixed
  • 0.44
  • add AMD Ryzen 2200G/2400G with Vega Graphics support.
  • fix AMD A10 with Graphics CPU problem.
  • improve DRAM parse, fix DRAM not list in some platform.
  • more games support.

Veranderingen voor v0.37 - v0.39

  • fix 0.38 crash on Windows 7
  • fix some NVIDIA Card Default clock not detect
  • minor bugs fixed
  • 0.38
  • new dark theme ui style (see)
  • the part window now is lockable, once it lock, it will auto show when application start (see)
  • add chart window, include CPU/GPU and FPS (see)
  • improved global FPS Report
  • integrated developer mode, now you can put your data into game screen we support (see)
  • more games support, now over 3500 games supported
  • fix NVIDIA new driver cause clock detect wrong.
  • minor bugs fixed

Veranderingen voor v0.3.5 - v0.37

  • fix crash in 32-bit windows
  • improve overlay performance
  • global FPS Report
  • 1 frame Report
  • text mode now can have background and framerate graph
  • add IO monitor in framerate graph section
  • more games support, now over 3400 games supported
  • minor bugs fixed
  • 0.36
  • add frame graph in overlay
  • minor bugs fixed

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