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Kid Key Lock (portable) v2.4

Vista / Win7 / WinXP
Kid Key Lock is a tool that can lock specific functions of the keyboard and mouse.

This tool is useful if you have toddlers or small kids who are attracted to buttons and often get their hands on your keyboard or mouse.

When Kid Key Lock is running, an indicator icon will appear on your system tray. When you click on the tray icon a pop-up menu will appear. All program functions, including the setup dialog box are accessible from this menu.

Key Features:
  • Very simple to setup and run
  • Seats on tray for easy access
  • Mouse Lock options:
    • Left mouse button
    • Middle mouse button
    • Right mouse button
    • Double click
    • Mouse wheel
  • Keyboard lock options:
    • Standard character keys (letters, numbers, signs, etc)
    • Additional keys (Navigation keys, function keys, ins/del, home/end, etc)
    • Windows system shortcuts(e.g. alt-tab, win-key, etc)

    This tool does not block CTRL, ALT + DEL combination however.

    NOTE: This portable version of Kid Key Lock has no installer.


    Kid Key Lock (portable) v2.4
Licentietype Freeware1
Datum waarop toegevoegd 4 nov 2013
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Bestandsgrootte 851.24 kB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Ondersteunde talen English
Besturingssystemen Vista / Win7 / WinXP1

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