AIM for Mac OS X v2.0.229

AIM is an all-in-one messaging application from AOL. It contains Instant Messaging (with room for 500 buddies), Voice chat (up to 20 buddies at a time), Video chat, EMail and Text messaging via mobile devices.

  • Instant Messaging: AIM Triton gives you room in your Buddy List® window for 500 of your closest friends. Organize your chats with tabbed IMs and stay in touch with the Universal Address Book.
  • Voice Chat: Use your PC to talk with anyone on the AIM service, no matter where they are.* Our Voice Chat feature lets you talk to up to 20 buddies at a time. Or activate your free AIM® Phoneline to get a local phone number with unlimited incoming calls, caller ID and voicemail delivered to your AIM mailbox.
  • Video Chat: Look your buddies in the eye while you chat with them over IM. Video chat lets you switch from an instant message chat to a high-quality video conference. Download AIM Triton and let the staring contests begin.
  • Email: AIM® Mail is a mere click away from your AIM Triton. With 2GBs of storage, a handy "Unsend" button and industry-leading spam and virus protection, AIM Mail is the only email you need.
  • Text Messaging: AIM Triton keeps all of your buddies in your pocket. Access your Buddy List® window on your mobile device to send and receive IMs. You can also send instant messages from your computer to your buddies' cell phones.

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AIM for Mac OS X v2.0.229Bestandsgrootte: 9.20 MB
Licentietype Adware1
Datum waarop toegevoegd 4 Dec 2009
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Besturingssystemen OSX1

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