Symantec W32.Netsky@mm Removal Tool v1.13.0

Win2k / WinNT / WinXP
Symantec is offering this free removal tool for W32.Netsky@mm infections, which include...
  • W32.Netsky.B@mm
  • 32.Netsky.C@mm
  • W32.Netsky.D@mm
  • W32.Netsky.E@mm
  • W32.Netsky.K@mm
  • W32.Netsky.P@mm
  • W32.Netsky.Q@mm
  • W32.Netsky.S@mm
  • W32.Netsky.T@mm
  • W32.Netsky.X@mm
  • W32.Netsky.Y@mm
  • W32.Netsky.Z@mm
  • W32.Netsky.AB@mm
This removal tool will scan for and kill any active processes infected with W32.Netsky variants. It will also delete any files associated with the infection, as well as any registry values it founds to have been added by it.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Several fake anti-virus (Rogue Anti-Virus) infections often report infections of "Worm.Win32.Netsky" and "Win32.Netsky.Q". These fake anti-virus tools report false infections to entice users to hand over credit card details and other sensitive information, in exchange for a "full product" that can remove the fake infections. In the event that you system is compromised with one of these Malware infections and reports a fake Netsky result, the Symantec removal tool will fail to find any Netsky variants at all.

You will need administrative rights to run this tool on Windows 2000, Windows XP or higher. If you are running Windows XP or higher, it is recommended to disable the System Restore service to ensure the best possible outcome, before you run the removal tool.
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Symantec W32.Netsky@mm Removal Tool v1.13.0Bestandsgrootte: 157.37 kB


Symantec W32.Netsky@mm Removal Tool v1.13.0 Symantec W32.Netsky@mm Removal Tool v1.13.0
Licentietype Freeware1
Datum waarop toegevoegd 2 Dec 2010
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Bestandsgrootte 157.37 kB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
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Besturingssystemen Win2k / WinNT / WinXP1

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