VP6 v6.2

Win2k / Win98 / WinME / WinXP
VP6 is a high-quality, low bitrate video codec that is available for free to personal use.

It is a full Video for Windows codec, that allows both playback and encoding.

Developer, the On2 Technologies, describes the codec:
In our internal testing, VP6 beat H.264, Windows Media 9 and Real Networks 9 in PSNR comparisons using the standard set of MPEG-2 test clips. The codec looks better than Windows Media 9, shows far fewer motion artifacts than Windows Media 9, and maintains more texture and detail than Real 9 or H.264.

Our internal tests show that VP6 provides stunning quality at low bitrates. The compression times, however, are much higher than with DivX 5 or XviD. Depending on the video, resolution and settings, VP6 can take 4-10 times longer to compress than DivX.

Download and install the codec, and then see samples provided by On2 Technologies to make up your own mind.

  • Now supports Multi-pass encoding.
  • Highly configurable (constant or variable) datarate control.
  • Direct access to the reconstruction buffer.
  • Improves Error recovery.
  • Multiple platform support (Intel, Equator, TI, PowerPC).
  • Compresses high-definition (HD) material with no restrictions on the encoder. VP6 can play back 1920x1080 HD material on a 2.5 GHz PC and 1280x720 material on a 1.5 GHz PC.
  • Supports real-time encoding at full D1 resolution.
  • Up to 40% image quality improvement over VP5.
  • Up to 50% faster playback than VP5.
  • Optimized to produce the best quality video available on high-resolution material (640x480 and higher).
  • Designed for inexpensive DSP processors. VP6 is ideal for embedded chipsets in non-PC devices and set-top boxes. Unlike some standards-based codecs (JVT, MPEG-4 v10), VP6 runs on general-purpose DSPs without requiring expensive add-on subprocessors.
  • VP6 is a purely software-based solution that can be upgraded easily.
  • Introduces predefined "profiles": Simple for fast playback on inexpensive processors, General for full D1 on set-top boxes, and Advanced for ensuring the best quality possible at extremely low datarates.
  • Achieves any requested data rate by choosing automatically to adjust quantization levels, adjust encoded frame dimensions, or drop frames altogether.
  • Carries no burdensome "patent pooling" restrictions or complicated external licensing fees.

Gratis Download
VP6 v6.2Bestandsgrootte: 1.67 MB
Licentietype Freeware1
Datum waarop toegevoegd 19 Feb 2004
Downloads 7
Bestandsgrootte 1.67 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Besturingssystemen Win2k / Win98 / WinME / WinXP1

1De licentie en de besturingssysteem informatie is gebaseerd op de laatste versie van de software.

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