Spdifer v0.3b

Open source
Vista / Win2k / WinXP
Spdifer is a DirectShow filter that allows media players to passthrough multi-channel sound to the digital (SPDIF) output without any change, so an external receiver can decode it.

To use this filter just select the formats you want to passthrough, and it will be used by the player automatically. NOTE! You should disable other decoder filters to prevent the decoding of the filter's output. To use Spdifer in conjunction with AC3Filter, disable formats enabled in Spdifer at the AC3Filter's 'System' page, and disable 'SPDIF' format.

Supports passthrough for AC3, DTS and MPEG Audio (including mp3) formats. All passthrough features of the 'big brother' AC3Filter filter are supported:
  • SPDIF as PCM trick
  • DTS output mode change
  • Sample rate check
  • Sound card reinitialization

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Spdifer v0.3bBestandsgrootte: 557.87 kB


Spdifer v0.3b

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Licentietype Open source1
Datum waarop toegevoegd 30 Jul 2009
Downloads 11
Bestandsgrootte 557.87 kB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Besturingssystemen Vista / Win2k / WinXP1

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