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Veranderingen voor v2.9 - v2.10

  • • The app and the installer are now digitally signed! You should see my name (Nicke Manarin) on the properties of the files.
  • • Redesigned screen/window/area selection experience on the new recorder.
  • • The app will ask before closing if there's anything being edited.
  • • Added the option to save the project while saving a gif (by using the same filename).
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ For some users, clicking to stop the recording was crashing the recorder.
  • ♦ The "Insert recording" action was ignoring the option of using the new recorder UI.
  • ♦ Added support for images with ".jpeg" extension (same as .jpg that is supported already).
  • ♦ The app now remembers the last used position of the Watermark.
  • ♦ Pressing Esc wasn't closing the panel when the keyboard focus was inside the Free Drawing and Cinemagraph elements.

Veranderingen voor v2.8.1 - v2.9

  • What's new?
  • • New color quantization algorithm for the encoder 2.0.
  • • An installer is available.
  • • Options to automatically adjust the window based on the frame size and to automatically adjust the image zoom based on the window size (after loading a project).
  • • New translation: Dutch.
  • • Updated the German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Simplified Chinese, and Russian translations.
  • • A message appears before deleting frames or discarding the project. It's optional, you can disable this later.
  • • The updater detects which type of update it should download (portable or installer).
  • Fixed:
  • ♦ The Insert window was not taking into account the DPI of the image being inserted.
  • ♦ A bug related to the crop feature under a high DPI environment.
  • ♦ The recorder window could stay out of view if it was previously used on a monitor that got disconnected.
  • ♦ After unplugging a monitor, the recorder window was not adjusting its position.
  • ♦ The "Go to frame" feature was not displaying the correct frame.
  • ♦ After deleting frames, the project info was not being saved into the file (project.json). This was causing some false warnings while trying to load the project later via "Recent Projects".
  • ♦ Added the missing "New Board Recording" context menu entry on the editor window.
  • ♦ Several bugs with the new recorder that happened when using screens to the left or above the primary screen.
  • ♦ The recorder feature called "snap to window" wasn't working with windows on screens to the left or above the primary screen.

Veranderingen voor v2.4 - v2.5

  • • Keystrokes recording.
  • • Option to remove X frames after Y frames, also known as reduce framerate.
  • • Save directly to clipboard option for gifs.
  • • 64 bits executable (will run as 32 bits when 64 bits not available).
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ The frame viewer now adjusts its scale based on the screen dpi.
  • ♦ The shortcuts for the recording are no longer raised when using key modifiers (Ctrl, Shift, Alt and Windows keys).
  • ♦ The focus is set to the selected frame after loading the list of frames. (for example, when applying an overlay).
  • ♦ The font size of the Title Frame is now saved every time you change the value, as expected.
  • ♦ The legacy (1.0) encoder was failing to find the transparent color of frames with small changes.
  • ♦ Improved the selection of frames while using the Shift key.
  • ♦ When applying the Progress overlay, a heavy load could freeze the window and crash the app.
  • ♦ The feedback tool now searches for the log files correctly.

Veranderingen voor v2.3.1 - v2.3.2

  • • Changed the output of the error logs to the Documents folder.
  • • Added a "Scale" option to resize your webcam video feed.
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ Bugs with the management of localization resources.
  • ♦ Check for updates was reporting a new release (even when it shouldn't).
  • ♦ Cursor capture was causing a memory leak.
  • ♦ Error when opening the save dialog when the last selected folder did not exist.
  • ♦ It was impossible to import a project using drag and drop.
  • Known bugs:
  • ♠ OutOfMemory exception when importing giant videos.
  • ♠ The crop feature fails when cropping a board recording (with high DPI);
  • Experimental features
  • • Full screen recording is now possible. Use carefully, it's not polished yet.
  • • There's a new encoder called "ScreenToGif", great for recordings with less than 256 colors, but it's slower.

Veranderingen voor v2 - v2.1

  • • Progress indicator overlay.
  • • Asynchronous recording (optional).
  • • New localizations: Arabic, Italian and Japanese.
  • • Multiple images import enabled.
  • • Option to change the recording cache location.
  • • New "Save as" panel.
  • • The app will remember the latest used destination folder and filename.
  • • Increase or decrease filename number.
  • • FFmpeg initial support.
  • Bug fixes:
  • ♦ Snap to window on Windows 10.
  • ♦ Encoding bug with a low quantity of unchanged pixels.
  • ♦ Tab-index order of the bottom controls on the screen recorder.
  • ♦ Frame selection using the keyboard on the editor.
  • ♦ Fit to image.
  • ♦ When deleting frames, the focus should stay on the frame list.
  • ♦ Send feedback.
  • ♦ Project import bug that prevented importing from a zip file.
  • ♦ Gif import bug when the gif had only 1 frame.
  • ♦ Captured images were saved incorrectly with the extension "bmp" instead of "png".

Veranderingen voor v1.4.2 - v2

  • • Send feedback tool.
  • • Added localizations.
  • ♦ Fixed: Memory leak while recording.
  • ♦ Fixed: Delay value for imported gifs.
  • ♦ Fixed: New lines for the dialogs.
  • ♦ Fixed: When closing the Editor, the Encoder should close too, if there's nothing being encoded.
  • ♦ Fixed: Visual glitches.
  • Known Issues:
  • ♠ Multi-DPI set of monitors are not supported. The recording will result in a wrong portion of your screen if recorded within the second monitor to the right.
  • ♠ The action stack (that enables the Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Y) may "eat" a lot more of your disk space than it should. To avoid this, don't forget to clear the temp. folder (Options > Temp. Files > Clear).
  • ♠ The board recorder is in a beta state, work in progress.

Veranderingen voor Preview 11 - Preview 12

  • mprovements with the loading time of operations.
  • • Multiple Clipboard entries, improved clipboard panel with context menu.
  • • Drag and Drop to import or load.
  • • System events (suspend) detection.
  • • TaskBar buttons added.
  • • Improved animation of the HideableTabControl.
  • • Info about the selected frame on the status bar.
  • ♦ Fixed: Scrolling while the overlay was active (for example, while drawing something).
  • ♦ Fixed: Delay control was disabled while not previewing.
  • ♦ Fixed: Frame selection control was disabled for Arrow keys.
  • ♦ Fixed: Fit image action.
  • ♦ Fixed: Cut action, wrong frame selection.
  • Known Issues:
  • ♠ Snap to Window feature may leave rectangles "ghosts" around your last selected app.
  • ♠ Board recorder is still just a draft. (Not finished)
  • ♠ The resize action is not working.

Veranderingen voor v1.4 - v1.4.1

  • • Progress Indicator. (Yeah, I don't have a better name for that).
  • • BugFixes and Improvments:
  • •• "Cancel" now closes the editor without prompting to save the animation.
  • •• Fixed the Show Mouse Clicks feature that was not working after the countdown timer.
  • •• Fixed the wrong recording of the IBeam cursor.
  • •• Fixed the RGB to BGR conversion. Some colors selected as transparent ended up corrupting the gif file.

Veranderingen voor v1.3 - v1.4

  • • This release is mainly for bug fixes.
  • • Bug fixes:
  • •• Wrong minimum value for the Modern fps control.
  • •• IOException while importing multiple images.
  • •• Crash when making multiple gifs.
  • •• Crashes when clicking on Open Folder in Settings.
  • •• Repeat count bug.

Veranderingen voor v1.2 - v1.3

  • • Recorded frames are now stored in the HD .
  • • Redesigned pages: "Add Text", "Title Frame", "App Settings", "Gif Settings", "Information", "Crop".
  • • New Pages: Border Options, Transitions.
  • • Traditional Chinese added.
  • • Bug Fixes:
  • •• Save directly to folder inverted If.
  • •• Encoding error in the modern form. Thanks to Hjoelr
  • •• Visual bug switching from the Info to the Gif Options page while in the editor. (Vice-versa)
  • •• FreeDrawing image is not centralized.
  • •• FreeDrawing window too small when frame size < 200px.

Veranderingen voor v0.8.1 - v0.9

  • Merged Filter's page with Editor's page.
  • • Re-skin of the Editor's page.
  • • Localized the Crop and Resize pages.
  • • UI tweaks in the Editor page.
  • • Added preview feature at the Editor page.
  • • Added custom delay of frames.
  • • Added the Processing page while encoding the frames.
  • • New languages (Spanish, Russian, Greek, Swedish).
  • • Code refactor (More organized).
  • • Slo-Motion and more filters added.

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