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Versie historie van Kodi DSPlayer (64-bit)

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Veranderingen voor v17.3 - v17.4

  • Added OSD label to show the active decoder name while playback (d3d11, dxva2, native, direct, copyback...) (DialogProcessInfo "o")
  • Added internal Sanear option to ignore system channel mixer
  • Updated internal Sanear to v0.3 (DSPlayer build 017973c)
  • Updated internal LavFilters to v0.70.2.67 (DSPlayer version)
  • Updated internal LavVideo OSD to support D3D11 hardware decoding, hardware device / codecs / resolutions
  • General improvement for internal LavFilters OSD
  • Fixed internal LavAudio OSD MixingLayout
  • Fixed EVR Pixel Shaders
  • Fixed DSPlayer playing videos from FTP
  • Fixed ChapterManager could crash with an empty chapter name
  • Merged with the official Kodi 17.4 Krypton Final

Veranderingen voor v17.0.1 - v17.3

  • Added built-in Sanear v0.3
  • Added option in advancedsettings to disable the madVR low latency mode to avoid some dropped frame in certain case when the GUI appear/disappear (creators update)
  • (default false)
  • Updated internal LavFilters to v0.69.0.80 (DSPlayer version)
  • Updated madvrsettings v1.0.2 (madVR 0.91.8)
  • Improved EVR
  • Rework DSPlayer code
  • Fixed kodi save/load general settings (ex. on/off subtitles)
  • General bug-fixes
  • Merged with the official Kodi 17.3 Krypton Final

Veranderingen voor v17.0 - v17.0.1

  • Fixed VideoPlayer PVR switchchannel

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