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Versie historie van Ditto Portable

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Veranderingen voor v3.21.50.0 - v3.21.134

  • Updated default UI look of Ditto
  • Added custom shortcut keys (options - quick paste Keyboard)
  • Updated Ditto Icon
  • Added option to paste adding the current time to the end
  • Added option to show what clips have been pasted
  • Added option to installer to add firewall exception for Ditto
  • Added option to last ten pastes to use ui selected group for indexes
  • Installer updated to auto close Ditto
  • Removed flicker on large tooltop text
  • Added option to toggle last viewed group
  • Show scroll bars when viewing image in description window
  • Added multiple shortcut keys to activate Ditto. Useful when using multiple language keyboards
  • Allow delete/page up/down while description window is visible

Veranderingen voor v3.21.30.0 - v3.21.50.0

  • Up/down keys move description up down just as n and p do
  • Use ever incrementing value for drag file names, this way they are always unique
  • Add the ability to drag and drop clips to desktop or file explorer and it will auto create the files, text and png files
  • Don't change working directories when show open/save windows dialog
  • Updated to the latest sqlite, version 3.11.0
  • Add new special paste options - remvoe line feeds - add one or two line feeds - typoglycemia Reorganized menu to move non clip specific commands to a system menu at bottom of the window
  • Added options to paste, upper, lower, captilize, sentance cases
  • Display warning when always on top is set (this is the number one complaint, how to turn this off when they don't know they set it)
  • Use standard formatting for date time in stats window in options
  • Handle Altgr being presses on foreign keyboards to handle other characters
  • Use the receiving ip address from the client not the ip address they send you
  • Default image export to png
  • Fixed issue with auto send to friends, after 30 seconds the first send would not be sent
  • Handle screen resolution changes better
  • Move ditto's main window when screen resolution changes
  • Save window sizes per screen resolution
  • Added option to save bitmaps to .bmp, .png, jpeg
  • Handle repeated keys on up/down and next/prev description
  • Handle Home button to go to first row
  • Increase the window that we show the resize icon in the corners
  • Added new menu option to filter on selected clip

Veranderingen voor v3.21.28.0 - v3.21.30.0

  • Fixed Ditto not starting on XP or Server 2003

Veranderingen voor v3.21.20.0 - v3.21.28.0

  • Fixed crash when auto send to friends is enabled
  • Draw rtf in 64bit builds
  • Support escape key to cancel delete message box
  • Monitor clipboard changes using new method AddClipboardFormatListener

Veranderingen voor v3.20.74 - v3.21.20.0

  • Fixed issue with deleting expired events
  • Double click global short cut key to save selection to that group
  • Added hot key to groups to save clip to that group
  • Added options to move clips up/down/top
  • If paste as plain text is selected then change cf_hdrop (file copy) to text of the copied file path
  • Close and reopen the database after windows resumes
  • Added a progress bar to the backup database function
  • Set group clip order correctly, it was using the wrong sort order
  • Allow wild card characters in ip/machine name matching for what to put in clipboard
  • Added menu option to fixup order of sticky clips. Found an issue with assigning sticky clips that would cause wacky ordering, this will fix that.
  • Updated chinese language file
  • Updated polish translation

Veranderingen voor v3.20.54 - v3.20.74

  • always refresh the description window when an image is shown, if two images were the same size it would not be refreshed
  • Updated Czech language file
  • Fixed crash when adding a new group through right click menu in groups window
  • Added regular expression filtering
  • Added option to request remote files by either the ip or host name
  • Fixed issue with N and P to go to next and previous descriptions
  • If showing task bar then minimize when closing ditto's main window
  • Added commands to export bitmaps to file and to export clip to google translate
  • Sped up loading list with large databases 30000+ entries
  • Don't remove search data when diffing clips or when opening google translate
  • Unregister global shortcut keys when using right click - quick properties - remove hot key
  • use icu in sqlite for better international character searches -
  • Keep line feeds when display search results
  • fixed issue with always on top, sometimes it was not setting it to be always on top
  • Updated version of Persion translation
  • Added option to save the current clipboard to Ditto. Usefull if you turn off clipboard monitoring and only save the clips you want.
  • Re add the taskbar icon when explorer is restarted
  • Fixed issue with not applying color selection in clip editor
  • added message window when backing up db and running script updates

Veranderingen voor v3.19.24.0 - v3.20.54

  • View clip as QRCode
  • Open external app to compare apps
  • Save clips to file
  • Show search text in different color in ditto and description window
  • Added command line options to open/close ditto's window
  • F3 finds inside the description window
  • ctrl-c/v/z/x/a work now in the search edit box
  • Delete pending Main record deletes before shrinking the database on clip cleanup
  • Press and hold up/down in search box now moves selection correctly
  • Forward key_down message to list control so shift up/down works when up/down from search text box
  • Scale small 1-10 text in each row based on dpi settings
  • Added new Persian language file
  • Updated Russian language file
  • Added Hebrew language

Veranderingen voor v3.18.46.0 - v3.19.24.0

  • elevate ditto privileges if pasting into a higher privileged application (before the paste would fail)
  • Added Delete clip data window (task bar icon - right click - delete clip data)
  • sticky clips
  • show groups window on global paste of group clip
  • improved High DPI awarness
  • Added option to always show scroll bars
  • option to move clips to the top if pasted from top 10 shortcut keys
  • changed tooltip description window to look like ditto window and allow moving
  • description window position can be locked to always show in the same position
  • Added next and previous commands for showing description
  • fixed handle leak when closing ditto
  • show option to search for description, full text, quick paste
  • updated mfc and crt dlls
  • removed auto closing the main window after 24 hours of inactivity
  • added timing messages around paste to find slowness when pasting with large db
  • delete all clip data before compact and repair
  • simple search (not not or ands)
  • create new sticky fields when creating a new database
  • added better scaling for close and collapse icons
  • When opening a group through a global key save the current group so when we close the group we revert back to the last opened group
  • ensure group window is visible when showing

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