Versie historie van TreeSize Free (for U3-enabled flash drives)

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Veranderingen voor v3.4.4 - v3.4.5

  • •Bugfix: Resolved a display issue where the position of a column could change if a folder was expanded.
  • •Bugfix: The status bar now shows correct percentage values again.
  • •Bugfix: Fixed an issue where the column header would not refresh if the user interface was switched between "size" and "percent".
  • •Bugfix: Entry "Rename" re-added to context menu.
  • •Bugfix: Several minor improvements and further bug fixes have been incorporated.

Veranderingen voor v3.4 - v3.4.2

  • •Bugfix: An error that occured during drag-and-drop-operations has been fixed.
  • Version 3.4.1 Released on 04 Nov 2015
  • •Bugfix: If a file or folder is deleted outside the application, TreeSize Free won't crash on file operations any longer. Invalid elements are now removed from the directory tree.
  • •Bugfix: A context-sensitive help is available in the "Filters" dialog.
  • •Bugfix: The status bar updates itself correctly while scanning.
  • •Bugfix: Several minor improvements and a few minor bug fixes have been incorporated.

Veranderingen voor v3.3 - v3.4

  • •TreeSize Free now supports scanning smartphones and mobile devices ?connected to the computer.
  • •Added support for one-click scans of local Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive folders.
  • •TreeSize Free no longer requires a restart when switching to the touch-optimized user interface.
  • •Tablet mode in Windows 10 can be detected (optional). TreeSize Free will automatically switch to the matching user interface.
  • •The touch-optimized user interface now provides a context menu for files and folders.
  • •Users can now select a printer in the touch interface.
  • •The performance while expanding folders has been increased.
  • •Bugifx: long lasting operations can be canceled now.
  • •Bugfix: Column information are persisted correctly when restarting TreeSize Free as administrator.

Veranderingen voor v3.1 - v3.3

  • New: touch-optimized user interface.

Veranderingen voor v3.00 - v3.1

  • TreeSize Free supports selection of multiple files now, e.g. to delete or move them.
  • Users can now search for folders in the directory tree.
  • Entries in the "Options" menu have been categorized.
  • To always run TreeSize Free with administrator privileges, simply select "Always start this application as administrator" under "Options > Application".
  • Several minor improvements and a few minor fixes have been incorporated.

Veranderingen voor v2.6.0 - v2.7.0

  • The "Filter" dialog in the "Options" menu has been enhanced:
  • - Besides include filters it is now also possible to use exclude filters. This can be useful to exclude certain directories or files permanently from TreeSize Free scans.
  • - You can now define if matching should be done normally considering the wildcards * and ?, if an exact match should be performed, or if the pattern is treated as regular expression.
  • - You can decide if the given pattern should be matched against the full path or just against the object name.
  • The right click menu now offers to remove a folder temporarily from TreeSize Free or to exclude it permanently from scans.
  • A few minor improvements and fixes have been incorporated.

Veranderingen voor v2.5.1 - v2.6.0

  • TreeSize Free V2.6.0 released with ability to apply NTFS-compression to direcory branches

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