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Veranderingen voor v8.3.16.0 - v8.4.5.0

  • Updated (Pro): OneDrive service interface updated
  • Updated (SE/Pro): Prompts to get Upgrade Assurance details when serial number entered
  • Updated (SE/Pro): The 32-bit installer advises that the 64-bit version is used if using 64-bit Windows and 32-bit version not already installed
  • Updated: Status bar for text, e.g. debug mode, instead of changing main window caption
  • Updated: Help file
  • Fixed (Pro): May get timeout changing directory on broken SFTP V6 servers
  • Fixed: In some cases was always minimizing to tray

Veranderingen voor v8.3.6.0 - v8.3.16.0

  • Fixed: Missing Linked Cloud Accounts menu item in Preferences main menu for SE/Lite/Free
  • Fixed: When changing settings encryption it may fail to re-encrypt settings
  • Fixed: URL handler for links in log file was not always registering
  • Fixed: Multi-threaded FTP scanning may return licensing error
  • Fixed: Scanning a local OneDrive folder will not cause files to be downloaded
  • Fixed (Pro/SE): 64-bit installer now correctly skips ReadMe window if already installed
  • Fixed (Pro): Fixed methods to get file lists and file info from Box
  • Fixed (Pro): Rare date time conversion issue with OneDrive
  • Fixed (Pro): Properly handle renames on Cloud when using delta
  • Fixed (Pro/SE): Properly abort profile execution when connection to SyncBack Touch server was permanently lost during file transfer
  • Fixed (Pro): Comparing same filenames with different char case on Dropbox
  • Updated: Editing file/folder selections doesn't show nag dialog if no changes have been made
  • Updated: Compatibility with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
  • Updated: No longer ignoring OneDrive placeholder files
  • Updated: Better at importing corrupt profiles
  • Updated (Pro): Allow SAS to include account policy (Azure)
  • Updated (Pro): Performance improvement getting file lists from OneDrive

Veranderingen voor v8.2.11.0 - v8.2.18.0

  • New (Pro): For cloud services can now choose which TLS encryption to use
  • Fixed: DST time conversion
  • Fixed: Try to fix SQL error 5 for the selections DB by enabling shared caching and WAL.
  • Fixed: Threaded copy sometimes got stuck
  • Fixed (Pro): Google Drive API - Ignore files that are not downloadable (e.g. maps) from folder listings
  • Fixed (Pro): OneDrive API – Do not pass AUTH token during a resumable upload or download
  • Fixed (Pro): Also set Last Modified time during the same API call when doing a Rename/Move
  • Fixed (Pro): Filename case for parent folders may be wrong when copying from Dropbox and using delta scan
  • Fixed (SE/Pro): MTP Remote write error: Unknown error -2147024809 ($80070057)

Veranderingen voor v8.1.1.0 - v8.2.8.0

  • New: Optional Windows Notifications for profiles starting and finishing
  • New: On group config window can filter to show only profiles not already in a group
  • New (Pro): Cloud username is in log file and on Simple profile config page
  • Fixed (Pro): Ignore OneNote package files
  • Fixed (Pro): Set timestamps on OneDrive (V2) when we copy details from source
  • Fixed (Pro): Change upload method for OneDrive (V2)
  • Fixed (Pro): JSON parsing issue for OneDrive (V2)
  • Fixed (Pro): AV errors when using Google Drive
  • Fixed (Pro): Cloud database not updated in some cases where not scanning all files in one go and not using delta
  • Fixed (Pro/SE): Was not using BZip2 compression method when encrypting filenames
  • Fixed (Pro): When using Amazon Cloud Drive, sometimes the file modified date was used for the file creation date
  • Fixed (Pro): Repeating upload to OneDrive for Business when using multi-zip
  • Fixed (Pro): Backup email test will fail if using username and password and not OAUTH
  • Fixed (Pro): Sometimes Box needs to be re-authenticated
  • Fixed (Lite/Free): Missing DLL's for Gmail authentication
  • Updated: When a profile is set to force file dates and times to be correct then it will be as accurate as Windows allows
  • Updated: Czech translations
  • Updated: French translations

Veranderingen voor v7.6.74.0 - v8.0.1.0

  • New (Free/Lite/SE/Pro): Ransomware Detection
  • New (Free/Lite/SE/Pro): Can specify to abort profile run if too many files are going to be updated
  • New (Free/Lite/SE/Pro): Gmail OAUTH2 email authentication
  • New (Free/Lite/SE/Pro): Central cloud OAUTH credential storage
  • New (Free/Lite/SE/Pro): Can choose to delete unticked folders from destination (or source) when profile next run
  • New (SE/Pro): 64-bit
  • New (SE/Pro): Secure Zip support (filenames are encrypted)
  • New (SE/Pro): SyncBack container (a virtual drive) and VHD/VHDX support
  • New (SE/Pro): Faster FTP scanning
  • New (SE/Pro): Can choose a specific folder to use to store settings and profiles
  • New (SE/Pro): Via command line can specify a folder to use to get settings and profiles from for just that run
  • New (SE/Pro): New file copying methods
  • New (SE/Pro): Option to automatically decrypt NTFS encrypted files
  • New (Pro): Using new OneDrive and 365 API with delta changes
  • New (Pro): Using new GDrive API with delta changes
  • New (Pro): Using new Dropbox V2 API, much faster at getting list
  • New (Pro): Using delta changes with Amazon Cloud Drive
  • New (Pro): Using latest Azure REST API, supports new Resource manager storage accounts, cold storage and Shared Access Signatures
  • New (Pro): Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration supported
  • New (Pro): Glacier tier retrieval speed option
  • New (Pro): OpenStack (Rackspace)
  • New (Pro): Backblaze B2
  • New (Pro): Google Storage (now native API not S3 emulation)
  • New (Pro): New scripting component, new example scripts (e.g. corrupt.pas) and script editor with auto-completion, parameter hints and syntax highlighting
  • New (Pro): File integrity checking
  • New (Pro): For backup to email it uses pipelining extension (if server supports it) to improve performance
  • New (Pro): Faster cloud (S3, Azure, Google Storage, Backblaze, OpenStack) scanning

Veranderingen voor v7.6.64.0 - v7.6.74.0

  • Fixed (Pro): Touch profile could not be aborted if Touch server not available
  • Fixed (Pro): When using database internally to store directory information then may assume a directory does not exist when it does
  • Fixed (Pro): For some cloud services, if multi-threaded upload and download is used, it may fail to retry on failure
  • Fixed (Pro): Fast Backup of emails may not work correctly
  • Fixed (Pro): Correctly upload files to Google Drive if throttling occurs during the upload process.
  • Fixed (Pro): Better handling of socket error retries with cloud services
  • Updated: If too many log files for pop-up menu (>=30) then a pop-up window is displayed so can choose log to display

Veranderingen voor v7.6.50.0 - v7.6.64.0

  • Fixed (Pro): May fail to upload or download files to Dropbox when non-Latin characters in filename are used on a computer using Chinese (Traditional) system locale
  • Fixed (Pro): Touch profile could not be aborted if Touch server not available
  • Fixed (Pro): When using database internally to store directory information then may assume a directory does not exist when it does
  • Fixed (Pro): For some cloud services, if multi-threaded upload and download is used, it may fail to retry on failure
  • Fixed (Pro): Fast Backup of emails may not work correctly
  • Updated: Update check is now every 30 days instead of every 15 days

Veranderingen voor v7.6.45.0 - v7.6.50.0

  • New: Greek translations by Kostas Basileioy
  • Fixed: Help window was not automatically closed when new SyncBack window closed or opened
  • Fixed (Pro): Failed to download files over 10GB in size from Amazon Drive
  • Fixed (Pro): Cloud database had incorrectly defined table. Not applicable to S3 or Azure.
  • Fixed (Pro): Failed to upload files with a hash in the filename to OneDrive (if file is 100MB or larger), Office 365 and Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Fixed (Pro): Failed to upload files with an ampersand in the filename to SugarSync and Azure
  • Updated: Uses less resources when file icons shown in Differences window

Veranderingen voor v7.6.36.0 - v7.6.45.0

  • Updated: Windows XP is no longer officially supported
  • Updated: When using screen reader the auto-collapse option in profile config window is not enabled
  • Updated: Warning text in profile config window now a tab stop to help with screen readers
  • Updated: New pop-up menu and shortcut keys to select source (Ctrl-F2) and destination (Ctrl-F3) versions from Differences window
  • Fixed: On Vista and newer, if profile was set to run on logout, shutdown or restart, and it was Windows shutdown aborted, then SyncBack did not close properly
  • Fixed: French help file may not display
  • Fixed: The attributes and dates are now from the target file when compressing symbolic link files

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