Versie historie van Tray Radio

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Veranderingen voor v13.1.3.0 - v13.2.1.0

  • Tray Radio offers now Stream packets to download.
  • And also provides the ability to create your own stream packets.
  • Now also with all Shoutcast stations.

Veranderingen voor v10.0.1.0 - v10.1.1.0

  • New: option menu language German
  • New: proxy server compatibility
  • New: notification when taskbar is not shown below in Windows
  • New: tooltip message at startup first time
  • New: popup controls (mouse click on the icon in the systray)
  • Custom: the website URLs in Settings > adapted infprmatio Tray Radio, so tehy now refer to the new server
  • Custom: notice board will no longer automatically pop up, but can be clicked as an option in the menu
  • Bug fixed it: create shortcut of the selected radio station

Veranderingen voor v9.6.3 - v10.0.1.0

  • International radio stations (UK, Germany, Belgium)
  • New radio server

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