Versie historie van PREDATOR Free Edition

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Veranderingen voor v3.0.0.119 - v3.0.1.128

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the "Autostart with Windows" option to work when it was set during the very first run of the software just after installation.

Veranderingen voor v2.1.0.476 - v2.3.1.605

  • Version published on 27 March 2011:
  • New German translation.
  • Version published on 17 September 2010:
  • Fixed bug which prevented the PREDATOR Administration tool from resetting the password.
  • Version published on 23 August 2010:
  • New Portuguese (Brazil) translation.
  • Fixed bug which prevented the Predator ACE service from starting if first character of user name was 'n' or 'r'.
  • Version published on 28 June 2010:
  • Implemented compatibility with Twitter's OAuth authentication: you no longer need to enter your Twitter's username/password into PREDATOR.
  • New Czech translation.
  • Version published on 31 May 2010:
  • New Turkish translation.
  • Version published on 20 May 2010:
  • Bug fix: Fixed timeout issue occuring sporadically at PREDATOR startup on heavily loaded older PC running Windows XP (would display a "Command /START error" warning).
  • Version published on 17 May 2010:
  • Bug fix: Fixed enable/disable key option in Preferences / Flash Drives.
  • Version published on 10 May 2010:
  • Major new feature: you can use several flash drives to protect your computer. In previous versions you could create only one key. Now, you can create any number of additional keys.
  • PREDATOR can disable the Autorun functionality in Windows when you lock your session.
  • Dutch language translation.
  • Version published on 6 April 2010:
  • Better Chinese translation.
  • Bug fix: Fixed "Always required" option in Preferences / Password.

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