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Veranderingen voor v7.8.3 - v7.8.4

  • Fix regression of double clicking a found in files result while Word-Wrap is on.
  • Fix HashFromDlg title bar localization issue.

Veranderingen voor v7.8.1 Rev 2 - v7.8.3

  • Add the “Expand All”, “Fold All” and “Select/Show current editing file” capacity into Folder as Workspace.
  • Fix restoring line position issue while document is wrapped.
  • Improve Json syntax highlighting.
  • Make filling find field of Find dialog with selected word(s) optional.
  • Make doSaveOrNot dialog simpler when there’s a single file to save.
  • Fix auto-insert {[“”]} imbrication not working issue.
  • Make cmd cli (for “Open Containing Folder in cmd”) customizable.
  • Prevent from setting Updater’s Proxy as Notepad++ is not in Admin mode.
  • Disable file association settings when Notepad++’s no admin right.
  • Fix incremental search bar “highlight all” option not conserved bug.
  • Enhance SQL syntax highlighting (add 2 more keyword lists).
  • Fix too small buffer issue during add text macro playback.
  • Fix “Close All Unchanged” not working issue for sub-view.
  • Eliminate garbage displaying in Find-result fold margin.

Veranderingen voor v7.8 - v7.8.1

  • Fix popup dialog on startup regression regarding notepad replacement issue.
  • Make monospaced font in Find dialog optional, disabled by default.
  • Add download progress bar while download plugin(s).
  • Fix issue for Alt+Tab doesn’t show Notepad++ on Windows 7.

Veranderingen voor v7.6.6 - v7.7

  • Continue Microsoft binary code signing thanks to the offer from DigiCert (again).
  • Upgrade Scintilla from v3.56 to v4.14.
  • Fix a regression of memory issue while reloading a file.
  • Fix cursor flickering problem after double clicking on URL.
  • Make Python files default to using spaces instead of tabs.
  • Add "Count in selection" option in Find dialog.
  • Add Ctrl + R shortcut for "Reload from disk" command.
  • Fix '\' display problem in CSS while using themes (Remove Batang font for CSS tags).
  • Fix crash while right clicking on DocSwitcher's column bar.
  • Fix all plugins being removed problem while Plugin Admin romoves an old plugin (of old system).

Veranderingen voor v7.5.3 - v7.5.4

  • Fix a crash bug due to disordered notifications sent to plugins.
  • Fix encoding broken regression.
  • Improve smart highlighting performance.
  • Auto-completion enhancement: remove unwanted symbols {} for variable names.
  • Add auto-completion for BaanC & CoffeeScript.
  • Fix localization copy regression in Installer.

Veranderingen voor v7.2 - v7.2.1

  • Fix x64 installer wrong installation path.
  • Fix expanding environment variables regression in backup path.

Veranderingen voor v6.7.8 - v6.7.8.1

  • It's a quick fix for the issue of "Missing msvcr120.dll" error message in the previous version.
  • Sorry for the inconvenience.

Veranderingen voor v6.6.2 - v6.6.3

  • Fix SaveAll command hanging issue while session snapshot is enabled.
  • Fix docking error messages displaying due to bad detection of windows version.
  • Fix restoring saved files as unsaved due to SaveAll bug in session snapshot mode.
  • Disable session snapshot while command line argument -nosession is used.
  • Fix bug that backup is not performed (in session snapshot mode) while view is switched from one to another.
  • Fix a bug in NppShell when trying to open many files.

Veranderingen voor v6.6 - v6.6.1

  • A hanging issue has been fixed

Veranderingen voor v6.5.5 - v6.6

  • The main feature of this release is Session snapshot & periodic backup.
  • If this feature is enabled (enabled by default), user won't be asked to save unsaved file as he quits Notepad++, and on startup Notepad++ restores the unsaved file and unsaved untitled document of last session.

Veranderingen voor v6.5.4 - v6.5.5

  • Add character encoding auto-detection feature.
  • Fix the word-completion hanging problem by typing Chinese in ANSI document under Chinese Windows 7/8 64 bits.
  • Enable word-completion in ANSI document under CJK environment.
  • Add wildcard capacity for file name argument in command line.
  • Add new command line argument "-r" for opening files recursively (with wildcard characters).
  • Fix the crash bug while setting current document as Objective-C source code.
  • Fix rename not replacing the existing file bug.
  • Enhance Function list feature: reload on saving.
  • Enhance Function list feature: better recognition of perl function.
  • Fix sorting path in Windows document dialog makes Notepad++ crash.
  • Fix the no extension column setting for Doc Switcher not initialized properly in preference dialog.
  • Add "Command line arguments help" menu item command.

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