Versie historie van Notebook PEA

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Veranderingen voor v0.2 - v1.0

  • - Several text files can now be managed simultaneously, without restarting the program or re-entering the password. - Small changes in appearance.
  • - A wait cursor indicates that the program is working.
  • - fix of small errors

Veranderingen voor v0.1 (stable) - v0.2

  • Improvement of the internal proactive password-strenght meter: Display of the strength while typing a new password, small list of most common passwords, consideration of prefixes, suffixes and some leet transformations
  • new GUI: Nimbus Look & Feel
  • possibility to edit the file in which the paths of the encrypted files are stored
  • button bar for some text formatting
  • more formatting options (colors, text alignment)
  • minor improvement in usability (positions of the windows and dialogs, help menu)
  • fix of small errors (start script also works for Linux Mint, display password-strength, even when using the character tables ...)

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