Versie historie van NirSoft ShellMenuView (64-bit)

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Veranderingen voor v1.36 - v1.37

  • ShellMenuView now displays menu items that their command string is empty but they have DelegateExecute string instead.

Veranderingen voor v1.35 - v1.36

  • When the menu name is a string resource, ShellMenuView now automatically loads the string resource and displays the actual menu string.

Veranderingen voor v1.30 - v1.35

  • Added the menu items of Directory\Background and Drive\Background Registry keys.

Veranderingen voor v1.21 - v1.30

  • Fixed the extension column: For Menu items that are currently not assigned to any file extension, the extension column now remains empty.
  • Added 'UserChoice Key' column. If the value is 'Yes', it means that the reference to the menu item is found in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\[File Extension]\UserChoice
  • Added 'Registry Key' column.
  • Added 'Hide Items Without File Extension' option.
  • Version 1.25
  • Fixed ShellMenuView to detect the correct file type, when a file extension has a UserChoice key (Windows Vista or later). In previous versions, ShellMenuView failed to work properly with all file extension that their UserChoice value is different from their file type. The UserChoice key is stored under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\[extension]\UserChoice
  • Fixed ShellMenuView to use the correct file type Registry key, when there is a CurVer subkey that redirects to other file type key.

Veranderingen voor v1.20 - v1.21

  • Added secondary sorting support: You can now get a secondary sorting, by holding down the shift key while clicking the column header. Be aware that you only have to hold down the shift key when clicking the second/third/fourth column. To sort the first column you should not hold down the Shift key.
  • Fixed the 'Modified Time' column to handle the daylight saving time properly.

Veranderingen voor v1.15 - v1.20

  • Added support for menu items stored under SystemFileAssociations Registry key (For Windows 7/2008/Vista)

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