Versie historie van Mozilla Thunderbird (PortableApps)

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Veranderingen voor v60.0 - v60.2.1

  • Calendar: Default values for the first day of the week and working days are now derived from the selected datetime formatting locale (restart after changing locale in the OS required)
  • Calendar: Switch to a Photon-style icon set for all platforms
  • Multiple requests for master password when Google Mail or Calendar OAuth2 is enabled
  • Scrollbar of the address entry auto-complete popup does not work
  • Security info dialog in compose window does not show certificate status
  • Links in the Add-on Manager's search results and theme browsing tabs open in external browser
  • Localized versions of Thunderbird didn't show a localized name for the "Drafts" and "Sent" folders for certain IMAP providers (particularly in France)
  • Replying to a message with an empty subject inserted Re: twice (not working in Thunderbird 60.0)
  • Spellcheck marks disappeared erroneously for words with an apostrophe (not working in Thunderbird 60.0)
  • Calendar: First day of the week cannot be set
  • Calendar: Several fixes related to cutting/deleting of events and email scheduling
  • Various security fixes

Veranderingen voor v45.1.1 - v45.2.0

  • Invitations to events could not be printed.
  • Dragging and dropping of contacts from the contact list onto an addressbook while All Addressbooks is selected moved only one contact
  • Falsely reported not enough disk space during compacting
  • Links were not always detected properly in the message body (terminated early on "|", some long links not detected at all)

Veranderingen voor v24.1.1 - v24.2.0

  • FIXED Security fixes can be found here
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where long messages with multiple signatures could end up unreadable (bug 929006)
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where editing account settings was not possible in some non-standard configurations of local folder set-ups (bug 921371)

Veranderingen voor v24.1.0 - v24.1.1

  • Security fixes

Veranderingen voor v24.0.1 - v24.1.0

  • FIXED: Fixed an issue where signatures were shown in too lighter grey making them difficult to read (bug 917906)
  • FIXED: Fixed an issue where Auto CC for reply might not work if the cc address is the same as the sending address (bug 917231)
  • FIXED: Security fixes can be found here:
  • Fixed in Thunderbird 24.1
  • MFSA 2013-102 Use-after-free in HTML document templates
  • MFSA 2013-101 Memory corruption in workers
  • MFSA 2013-100 Miscellaneous use-after-free issues found through ASAN fuzzing
  • MFSA 2013-98 Use-after-free when updating offline cache
  • MFSA 2013-97 Writing to cycle collected object during image decoding
  • MFSA 2013-96 Improperly initialized memory and overflows in some JavaScript functions
  • MFSA 2013-95 Access violation with XSLT and uninitialized data
  • MFSA 2013-94 Spoofing addressbar though SELECT element
  • MFSA 2013-93 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:25.0 / rv:24.1 / rv:17.0.10)

Veranderingen voor v17.0.5 - v17.0.6

  • FIXED Security fixes can be found here
  • FIXED Thunderbird now supports the Twitter API version 1.1 ahead of Twitter closing the 1.0 version (Bug 857049)

Veranderingen voor v17.0 - v17.0.2

  • FIXED: Security fixes can be found here
  • FIXED: Pressing the 'x' button on Windows now closes only one window rather than the whole application (805185)
  • FIXED: An issue that caused occasional corruption in local folders after filtering is now fixed (815012)
  • FIXED: An issue that caused deletion of drafts saved in IMAP folders whilst in offline mode is now fixed (805626)

Veranderingen voor v16.0.1 - v16.0.2

  • What’s New
  • FIXED: 16.0.2: Security Fixes
  • FIXED: 16.0.2: Fixed an issue where IMAP based accounts could sometimes continuously download emails (803843)
  • FIXED: 16.0.1: Vulnerability outlined here
  • NEW: We have now added to the list of online storage services that are available for use with Thunderbird Filelink
  • NEW: Silent, background updates. Thunderbird will now download and apply updates in the background allowing you to start quickly the next time Thunderbird starts up.
  • FIXED: No longer supporting MD5 as a hash algorithm in digital signatures (650355)
  • FIXED: Various fixes and performance improvements
  • FIXED: Various security fixes
  • Known Issues
  • Unresolved. If you are unable to view content for your RSS feeds in the Wide View Layout, you may need to disable the Lightning Calendar add-on if you have it installed or switch to Classic View and restart Thunderbird. (see 531397)

Veranderingen voor v15.0 - v16.0.1

  • FIXED: The vulnerability could allow a malicious site to potentially determine which websites users have visited and have access to the URL or URL parameters. At this time we have no indication that this vulnerability is currently being exploited in the wild.

Veranderingen voor v13.0 - v13.0.1

  • YouSendIt no longer expires Filelinks after 1 week
  • The prompt given when a password had changed sometimes referred to a network error rather than a change of password
  • Some Linux users may have been unable to start Thunderbird from outside the installation directory
  • Miscellaneous other stability and display updates

Veranderingen voor v12.0.1 - v13.0

  • Filelink: Upload your files to an online storage service and send links to your friends, avoiding bounce back due to large attachments. We have partnered with YouSendIt to bring this feature, but additional partners will be added in the near future.
  • NEW
  • In partnership with Gandi and Hover, you can now sign up for a personalized email address from within Thunderbird. Along with your new email address, Thunderbird will be automatically set up and ready to send and receive messages. We are working with additional suppliers to cover more areas of the world and to provide more options in the future.
  • Various security fixes
  • The minimum system requirements for Windows are now Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later.

Veranderingen voor v10.0 - v11.0

  • New user interface with Tabs above the main menu bar to facilitate navigation and make it more contextual
  • Thunderbird notifications may not work properly with Growl 1.3 or later (691662)
  • Fixes a crash seen during importing of Microsoft Outlook profiles (723105)

Veranderingen voor v9.0.1 - v10.0

  • New ability to search the Web
  • Improvements to searching email
  • Several fixes when drafting email
  • and several other platform fixes

Veranderingen voor v3.1.8 - v3.1.9

  • This release prevents a crash after update that is affecting some users.

Veranderingen voor v3.1.7 - v3.1.8

  • Several fixes to improve performance, stability and security, see the Security Advisory.

Veranderingen voor v3.0.4 - v3.1

  • New features include:
  • Faster Search Results and Quick Filter Toolbar
  • Faster Search Results
  • Message indexing is faster and provides users with faster search results.
  • Quick Filter Toolbar
  • New Quick Filter Toolbar lets you filter against search terms, tags, starred messages, address book contacts, new emails, and attachments.
  • User Experience Improvements
  • New Migration Assistant
  • The new Migration Assistant gives Thunderbird 2 users a way to choose the new features in Thunderbird 3.1 or to keep their current features and settings.
  • Saved Files Manager
  • New Saved Files Manager displays all the files you downloaded from your email to your computer.
  • Mail Account Setup Wizard
  • Hundreds of ISP settings have been added to make setting up Thunderbird easier. The Mail Account Setup Wizard matches against a database of email settings from popular mail providers so that you will only need to provide your name, email, and password to set up new mail accounts.
  • Performance Improvements
  • Improvements to Stability, Memory, and Password Handling

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