Versie historie van Free Studio

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Veranderingen voor v6.2.6.213 - v6.2.7.218

  • more types of links are supported for download
  • proxy handling improvements
  • fixed problems with browser add-ons installation
  • numerous fixes in converters
  • improvements and fixes in Free Video Call Recorder for Skype and Free Torrent Download
  • Free Video Dub now supports MP4

Veranderingen voor v5.7.3.916 - v5.7.3.917

  • Several bug fixes

Veranderingen voor 5.6.2 - v5.6.3

  • - Video detection logic was improved;
  • - “Video detection error” was eliminated in cases of users’ channels featured lists and redirect links downloading;
  • - Uncritical errors messaging system was improved;
  • - Apple iPod 5G preset problem was solved;
  • - YouTube Top Lists downloading bugs were fixed;
  • - Changes were made to improve displaying of some UI elements when 120 dpi is used.
  • Converters and editors also feature improvements:
  • - Presets for some phone models of Nokia and Sony PSP were fixed;
  • - MPEG2 files support was improved in Free Video Dub.

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