Versie historie van EaseUS Todo Backup Free

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Veranderingen voor v11.0 - v11.5

  • New features
  • Recover Outlook backup to different computer or Outlook client.(Only for Home edition)
  • Add additional drivers when creating emergency disk.(Only for Home edition)
  • List of features improved
  • Fix: Failed to clone GPT system disk sector by sector.
  • Fix: Cannot re-create WinPE bootable disk when the creation fails.
  • Fix: Cannot recover to network in some cases.
  • Fix: Some incorrect error messages.

Veranderingen voor v10.6 - v11.0

  • New features
  • Brand new and more instructive user interface.
  • Improve image compression and speed up data backup & recovery increasingly.(Only for Home edition)
  • Optimized Outlook recovery feature.(Only for Home edition)
  • Faster backups over your home or office network.
  • Other improvements on overall performance.
  • List of features improved
  • Fix:Failed to clone system due to file system error.
  • Fix:Cannot recognize the uninitialized disk.

Veranderingen voor v10.5 - v10.6

  • New features
  • View and recover any version of files from backup image more easily in Windows explorer.
  • Added disk refreshing tool.
  • List of features improved
  • Optimized network access authentication and performance
  • Fix:Cannot goto specified path when selecting a path
  • Fix:Incorrectly prompt to reboot your computer when failed to create a folder
  • Fix:Crash problem

Veranderingen voor v10.0 - v10.5

  • New features
  • Restore/clone system to a USB drive to create a portable Windows.
  • Support to backup/recover or clone the operating system when system and boot partitions are on different disks.
  • Improved the product performace and stability in network environment.
  • Add support for Korean
  • List of features improved
  • Optimize the incremental backup process of file backup.
  • Support Reparse Point when backing up files on network.
  • Refresh the disks after add drivers.
  • Add prompt information about access permission when mounting backup image in a earlier version of Windows.
  • FIX: After set the schedule backup upon system shutdown, system would hang for a long time if the backup location is invalid.
  • FIX: Created WinPE bootable disk is still trial if the product is not restart after activated.
  • FIX: It would always failed to create WinPE bootable disk after downloading the relevant files failed without restarting the program.
  • FIX: Parameter error occur when edit smart backup task.
  • FIX: Could do fix MBR opertion on GPT disk in WinPE environment.
  • FIX: Edit disk layout when cloning is same as the recovery operation.
  • FIX: Display number didn't change when dragging the handle when configure the Network transfer speed setting.
  • FIX: There is no prompt information when the backup destination path exceed the limit.
  • FIX: Cannot restore the files after sorted by Search menthod in file recovery process.

Veranderingen voor v9.2 - v10.0

  • New features
  • •Check and fix the damaged backup task when running the program the first time.
  • •New System Clone helps you migrate OS easily and gets operating system backed up smoothly.
  • •Clone/Restore between the disks with different sector size.
  • •More instructive UI guides you to perform backup tasks much easily.
  • List of features improved
  • when the partition size is less than 5 GB, it will not ask user to execute sector by sector backup
  • FIX: The size of the reserved partition is abnormal after cloning when the target disk is smaller than the source disk
  • FIX: The scheduled backup will run improperly in some cases
  • FIX: The scheduled backup will not run after user enables Fast Startup in Windows 10

Veranderingen voor v8.8 - v8.9

  • Support backing up to cloud

Veranderingen voor v8.5 - v8.6

  • Work with EaseUS Backup Center seamlessly to improve the efficiency of enterprise users.
  • Improve the function of system recovery, universal restore and system clone on GPT drive.
  • Better support for Windows 10.

Veranderingen voor v8.0 - v8.2

  • Image merging technology allows to merge multiple backup images into one to save disk space.
  • Better support for Outlook 2013 data backup

Veranderingen voor v7.5 - v8.0

  • New backup technology, faster backup, smaller storage (available in commercial edition)
  • Exclude files from backup, saving space in storage archive (available in commercial edition)
  • Create a WinPE bootable media without installing AIK/WAIK
  • Better compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1 and UEFI when creating WinPE bootable media

Veranderingen voor v7.0 - v7.5

  • Português and Polski languages supported
  • New added mount and unmount feature
  • Brand-new UI of Linux bootable media
  • Improved the performance when browsing files
  • Fixed bug "Failed to restore to network location"
  • Fixed bug "Empty folder generated after file type restore"
  • Fixed bug "Outlook restore would skip the folder when restoring again after cancelling"
  • Fixed bug "Windows Vista and later OS cannot proceed the backup trigged by shutdown"

Veranderingen voor v6.0 - v7.0

  • Brand-new and intuitive user interface to make operation easier.
  • New added smart backup feature helps to perform automatic backup once there are any changes to the selected files.
  • Option to automatically update software when new version is available, no need to download and install software again.
  • Fixed some bugs to improve product quality.

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