Versie historie van Dooble (Portable)

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Veranderingen voor v2019.07.07 - v2019.12.12

  • Accepted / Blocked Domains corrections regarding exceptions.
  • Also remove Accepted / Blocked Domains exceptions on data purge.
  • Automatically reject third-party cookies.
  • Avoid removing hidden rows during item removal; various containers.
  • Corrected confirmation dialog in Downloads.
  • Corrected primary key in dooble_favicons.db. Please remove the database.
  • Custom tab scroll widgets.
  • Denote table statistics via cute labels.
  • Hide HTTP referer.
  • Icons from themes with fallback.
  • New History menu.
  • Rapid importing of Accepted / Blocked Domains list.
  • Session rejections. Please see Accepted / Blocked Domains.

Veranderingen voor v1.38 - v1.40

  • * More than 100 new Features and Fixes.
  • * Added the Wikinews search engine.
  • * Block-"Like/Plus/Faven"-Buttons (Ability to block third-party HTML frame content) to keep you private from Social Networks tracking your Surf-Behaviour. Read the technical background here:
  • * Ability to hide the HTTP referrer.
  • Test:
  • * Added Open Wikinews and TheOpenGlobe RSS Ticker.
  • * Introduced the History sidebar and URL History Search Engine.
  • * Tonga, the user knows your Server-IP: Dooble will, if permitted,
  • display the current site's IP address in the window title.
  • * Favorites Toolbar: Automatically find your most visited Websites
  • with a 1-Click.
  • * Improved behavior of the FTP and File browser.

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