Versie historie van CTpvr Media Center

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Veranderingen voor v2.2 build 11 - v2.2 Build 015

  • Added - Support for AverMedia M780, Hauppauge HVR-950.
  • Added - Sorting by Episode Number when in groups of recordings.
  • Added - Create and Delete Schedules from Information Panel.
  • Added - Support for Station Logos to Information Panel.
  • Added - Custom Seek Rate settings via Settings.xml file.
  • Added - No Signal warning when channel can not be tuned.
  • Added - The Ability to change Channels using mousewheel.
  • Fixed - Autotuning for some ATSC Tuners.
  • Fixed - Recording profiles not switched from default during a recording.
  • Fixed - Viewing of Air Airrings from scheduled menu item not working.
  • Fixed - Recordings menu not returning to proper group and /or recording menu item.
  • Fixed - Sorting of items list of shows scheduled to record.
  • Fixed - Tuner selection from system menu would at times use the wrong tuner.
  • Improved - Mouse navigation in menus.
  • Improved - Rewind and Fast Forwarding.
  • Improved - ATSC Channel change stability when Time Shifting
  • Improved - Channel management that now allows individual input selection.

Veranderingen voor v2.1 - v2.2

  • New - Now with Windows Vista support.
  • Added - Navigate channels information using wheel on mouse(click on panel to change channel).
  • Added - The ability to set different input source for individual channels.
  • Added - Mouse button clicks to individual left/right arrow buttons on menus.
  • Added - You can now select any detected Mpeg video/audio decoder.
  • Fixed - Video screen resizing when between menus.
  • Fixed - Prompts not displayed on some of the newer themes.
  • Fixed - Menu animation when using newer themes.
  • Fixed - Guide menu missing exit guide option on newer themes.
  • Improved - Back to back recording performance when only one tuner is installed.
  • Improved - External tuner channel changer support.
  • Improved - Pause mode performance ( Time Shifting ).
  • Improved - Scheduled recording conflict management.
  • Improved - Navigation with keyboard and mouse.

Veranderingen voor v2.1 - v2.2 RC 3

  • Windows Vista Compatible - 9.79MB
  • Improved channel management. Each channel can be assigned it's own input source. Users of 2.1 and prior should backup their CTpvr folder before installing. Download and install any plugin that you use since they've been updated to support v2.2.

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