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Veranderingen voor v5.1.1.2 - v5.1.1.3

  • 0005383: [Feature Request] v5.1.0.4 Does not remember Burn Log Windows Position (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005478: [Bug] play with vmp in windows shell, on video_ts folder doesn't play or load files (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0006517: [Bug] in manager help / open log file does nothing (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0006516: [Bug] burn of video ts does not work (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v5.1.1.1 - v5.1.1.2

  • 0006434: [Bug] bad dating of data project (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005415: [Bug] why in manager in menu item tools, file depot items are always greyed out? (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005027: [Feature Request] add back vso show (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005443: [Bug] hide in file depot options under menu Tools (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v5.1.1.0 - v5.1.1.1

  • Translation updated
  • Translation component bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v5.1.0.6 - v5.1.1.0

  • 0005272: [Bug] disk not automatically detected in manager (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005413: [Bug] problem with remove 2 sec gap for audio CD (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005582: [Suggestion] more spacing in updater (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0006256: [Feature Request] smart old key detection (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0006317: [Bug] items in starter do not open manager (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005811: [Bug] several users report nothing opens from starter (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v5.1.0.5 - v5.1.0.6

  • fixes access violation when launching Blindwrite
  • fixes drive selection that didn't close
  • fixes burning doesn't start when using CDs in certain cases
  • fixes starter closing too soon before manager opens

Veranderingen voor v5.1.0.2 - v5.1.0.5

  • 0005375: [Bug] v5.1.0.4 Manager does not detect the installation of VSO Inspector. (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005379: [Bug] v5.1.0.4 Where is File Depot Integration ? (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005380: [Bug] v5.1.0.4 Manager / Where is my .ISO burner ? (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005382: [Information] v5.1.0.4 Manager / Cannot Read Text displayed (Drive Is Busy) (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005384: [Bug] v5.1.0.4 Manager / Sort Order seems to do nothing (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0004981: [Bug] CopyTo Manager v5.0.1.2 / Duplicate names in a folder (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005390: [Bug] v5.1.0.4 Manager / Import Folder just hangs there... (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005374: [Crash] v5.1.0.4 Manager moving more than 1 file results in a crashes. (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005373: [Feature Request] v5.1.0.4 Manager, always starts Minimized / Can it remember it's state and position ? (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v5.1.0.1 - v5.1.0.2

  • disappears as soon as launched corrected
  • 0005092: [Bug] not doing layerbreak on blu-ray disks (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005086: [Bug] audio cd - not all songs are converted (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005108: [Feature Request] add option to place file explorer on left side of manager (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005123: [Bug] move items up or down in audio cd creation not always visible (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005106: [Bug] does not alway create a video_ts folder when burning a dvd video project (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0005105: [Bug] project size drop down is not listing correct size of disk actually in drive (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v4.3.1.12 - v5.1.0.1

  • German translation updated
  • French translation updated
  • new audio converter engine added
  • now compatible with DVDShrink
  • creates "BDMV" and "CERTIFICATE" folders when burning blu-ray disk
  • other interface corrections
  • DVD video not recognized in home player resolved
  • interface changes
  • uses less resources
  • all known bugs corrected
  • french translation updated
  • 0004667: [Suggestion] starter / Extras add hint (cedric) resolved.
  • 0004662: [Bug] settings/ events logging: open browser button does nothing (cedric) resolved.
  • 0004678: [Bug] default opening of data project (cedric) resolved.
  • 0004739: [Bug] cannot create mp3 cd from flv files (cedric) resolved.
  • 0004470: [Crash] access violation when burning audio cd (cedric) resolved.
  • translations updated
  • New Major Version
  • mp3 disk creation now possible
  • ISO images can be modified before burn
  • project selection made easier
  • easier multi-session disk creation
  • blu-ray support more visible
  • added user friendly disk and burning status tips

Veranderingen voor v4.3.1.10 - v4.3.1.12

  • 0003171: [Feature Request] unable to select multiple files already added in project (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003172: [Bug] updater should not start everytime application is opened (copyto manager + blindwrite) (cedric) resolved.
  • 0003165: [Bug] v4.3.1.10: CopyToDVD always burning at half selected speed / Burns nothing on my NEC-3550a IDE drive (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v4.3.1.10 - v4.3.1.11

  • 0003171: [Feature Request] unable to select multiple files already added in project (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003172: [Bug] updater should not start everytime application is opened (copyto manager + blindwrite) (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003165: [Bug] v4.3.1.10: CopyToDVD always burning at half selected speed / Burns nothing on my NEC-3550a IDE drive (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v4.3.1.8 - v4.3.1.10

  • Windows explorer crash when CopyToDVD shell integration is called (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v4.3.1.7 - v4.3.1.8

  • 0003091: [Information] remember path file of whaere iso was created (vista problem) (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v4.3.1.3 - v4.3.1.5

  • New Blindwrite Lite version included
  • 0002977: [Bug] you cannot click on the disk name to rename anymore when doing data disks, have to use F2 (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0001782: [Bug] inconsistent DMA Notification (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002144: [Information] Click and select (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003031: [Information] Media status displayed on left toolbar in Manager not translated (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003030: [Bug] Can't burn using manager. CopyToDVD write engine popped and close. (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003027: [Bug] In manager, ? / Info reports Trial Version when I have a registered version (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002978: [Information] image displays poorly in top menu "?" / "Info" tab (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002981: [Crash] rw eraser tool (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002997: [Bug] copytodvd install script for japan (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003024: [Bug] Cannot save projects (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0003026: [Bug] Duplicated log entries (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v4.3.1.1 - v4.3.1.3

  • [Crash] Crash opening a saved project (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Crash] Access violation at address error message (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v4.2.2.25 - v4.3.1.1

  • Burn engine major update
  • Delphi 2010 compiled

Veranderingen voor v4.2.2.23 - v4.2.2.25

  • 0002828: [Information] auto close default value shouldn't be off (cedric) - resolved.
  • error at registration form close when trial version expired.
  • Minor fix with available speed list in log (cedric) - resolved.
  • CopyToDVD Manager freeze when about box opened 2 times (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v4.2.2.19 - v4.2.2.23

  • 0002715: [Bug] Display problem in log windows using 2.4x speed (2.4687416871... displayed, should be rounded) (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v4.2.2.17 - v4.2.2.18

  • 0002666: [Bug] Volume name not writing when I use right click on a DVD Video Backup folder or folder with Audio files (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002665: [Bug] Can't select a custom sound event, already reseted to default value when I click on "Apply" or if I close the windows with "OK" (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002664: [Suggestion] When I use right click on a VIDEO_TS folder, the proposed volume name is VIDEO_TS. It should be the name of the DVD Video folder (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v4.2.2.15 - v4.2.2.17

  • 0002639: [Bug] Media volume name not saved when I use the input box. (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002656: [Bug] Hidden files can't be added in a data project with "Show hidden files" option enabled (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v4.2.2.10 - v4.2.2.15

  • 0002605: [Bug] speed issue incorrect ( again ) (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002570: [Bug] If you deselect [ ] Allow VSO to collect media data in the INSTALLER, it's still enabled in the settings. (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002582: [Feature Request] Better Audio content detection (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002632: [Bug] file depot not always working (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002633: [Bug] Problem on decoding audio stream and returning duration, in some video files (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002631: [Bug] list index out of bounds (132272) (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002630: [Bug] can't add particular folder when creating Audio CD (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002560: [Bug] Cannot burn DVD+RW & DVD+R media on my new LG GGC-H20L drive (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002626: [Bug] Sounds events works in the settings, but not in the application (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002628: [Bug] I get a warning message requesting to disable AnyDVD, but it is already disabled! (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002578: [Bug] Unable to read APEv2 tags (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002598: [Crash] AudioCD burn failure without enougth details for troubleshooting... (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002597: [Bug] /cdaudio commandline parameter no longer properly supported (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002620: [Bug] incorrect status text on completion (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002622: [Bug] confusing final message (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v4.2.2.8 - v4.2.2.10

  • 0002547: [Bug] Some minor cosmetic issues (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002546: [Bug] Max burning speed when burning via shell without prompt (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002569: [Bug] Option "Check media with VSO Inspector" don't work with Vista (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002568: [Bug] don't close window option (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v4.1.9 - v4.2.2.6

  • 0002521: [Bug] The "CopyToDVD depot" shortcut is always showed in shell integration. (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002522: [Bug] Access violation raised when I seek an audio file in CopyToDVD Manager (Audio CD project) (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002518: [Bug] ISO files are deleted after burning (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002515: [Bug] CopyToDvd don't want to burn when my project name in Manager is set to "VIDEO_TS" (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0000311: [Bug] v4.0.0.30 ßeta: Multisession on a DVD+RW will always Format my media (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0000571: [Bug] VSO Show Info, list out of bounds (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0001139: [Feature Request] change update link (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0000654: [Bug] Shell extension glitch in Vista (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0000629: [Bug] (P & A) program group has english items (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0000909: [Bug] Drive timing incorrectly detected in CopyToDVD (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0000366: [Bug] odd behavior when trying to access 3rd party program (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002503: [Bug] No log file is being created (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002476: [Bug] udf 2.5 for blu-ray / avcdhd projects (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0002494: [Bug] bluray / avchd / sony camcorder can't playback HD project (wesson) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v4.1.2 - v4.1.5

  • cumulative updates
  • new translation
  • display issue of the unitstring ID in manager

Veranderingen voor v4.1.1 - v4.1.2

  • 0002236: [Bug] VSO Starter: Copy Video DVD / List of installed software seems broken, displays everything (cedric)
  • 0002241: [Bug] Incomplete translation (cedric)
  • 0002308: [Suggestion] change them in manager to "default" instead of aluminum (cedric)
  • 0002310: [Bug] display problem in file browser (cedric)
  • 0002312: [Suggestion] information on writing process the + details (cedric)
  • Change behaviour for ISO drive
  • Fix some cases of zero-filled files with DATA projects

Veranderingen voor v4.1.0 - v4.1.1

  • 0001904: [Bug] v4.0.7.29 ßeta: Always try to update on the internet (cedric)
  • 0002221: [Bug] An error message appear at CopyToDVD Manager Start (cedric)
  • error range check message fixed.

Veranderingen voor v4.0.4b - v4.1.0

  • 0002220: [Bug] Russian badly works at start. Correct please. (cedric)
  • 0002135: [Bug] Media recognition (cedric)
  • 0002219: [Bug] Double Layer media is reported in Manager like Single Layer Media (cedric)
  • 0000330: [Bug] Log Windows / Remember last state and position (cedric)
  • 0002218: [Bug] Click on "Burn another copy" in CopyToDVD don't work (cedric)
  • 0002209: [Bug] .MP4 were supported in v4.0.4.60 not in v4.0.14.14 (cedric)
  • 0002204: [Bug] Can't add APE files to an Audio CD Project (cedric)
  • 0002203: [Bug] Can't add FLAC files to an Audio CD Project (cedric)
  • 0002255: [Bug] Column width in File Browser not fully changeable (cedric)
  • 0000332: [Bug] v4.0.0.31c desktop icon always made during installation regardless of user request (cedric)
  • 0000465: [Suggestion] v4.0.1.41: Install Scripts Issues / Default Settings... (cedric)
  • 0002193: [Information] Write Speed (cedric)
  • 0002129: [Bug] Requested speed (cedric)
  • 0002128: [Bug] Reverts to initial speed (cedric)
  • 0002088: [Bug] v4.0.8.91 ßeta: AudioCD Projects seems to add a pop (Noise) at the beginning of some tracks (Specific MP3) (cedric)
  • 0000830: [Bug] Takes a long time to see the check mark Complete after a burn (cedric)
  • 0001243: [Feature Request] Support for WavPack files (cedric)
  • 0002191: [Information] v4.0.14.14 ßeta: The word "NewDisk" no longer appears when creating a Data Project (cedric)
  • 0002072: [Bug] v4.0.8.89 ßeta: Adding Files (Originals) to a Video DVD projects, colors go all wrong. (cedric)
  • 0002189: [Bug] v4.0.14.14 ßeta: Audio .MP4 files are no longer supported (cedric)

Veranderingen voor v4.0.4b - v4.0.14

  • 0002121: [Bug] Sound Events are broken in the settings (cedric)
  • 0002152: [Bug] Acess Violation (cedric)
  • 0002168: [Bug] v4.0.14 ßeta: Application Crashes when it tries to format a DVD+RW (cedric)
  • 0002012: [Bug] Cant get to log (cedric)
  • 0002141: [Information] Apply Settings (cedric)
  • 0002134: [Suggestion] Set DVD5 as a default when creating a VideoDVD Project (cedric)
  • 0001902: [Suggestion] v4.0.9 ßeta: Manager takes a long time to open when a media is present in the drive (cedric)
  • 0000382: [Bug] Eraser is unable to fully erase a media (cedric)
  • 0001933: [Bug] VSO Eraser v1.1.1.64 Drive not ready or no media in drive (cedric)
  • 0002090: [Bug] v4.0.8.91 ßeta: Manager thinks my DVD-R can hold 7.95 Gb (Dual Layer) (cedric)
  • 0002071: [Bug] v4.0.8.89 ßeta: VideoDVD Project minor issues (cedric)
  • 0002070: [Bug] v4.0.8.89 ßeta: Ordering in the File Browser (Explorer) screen is broken (cedric)
  • 0001979: [Bug] Write .ISO from manager crashes if wrong burner is selected in manager (cedric)
  • 0002068: [Bug] v4.0.8.66 ßeta: Burn .ISO / Display speed = x0.00 in window title (cedric)
  • 0002054: [Bug] v4.0.8.59 ßeta: Multi-Drive burning is broken (cedric)
  • 0002032: [Crash] v4.0.8.56 ßeta: Manager is severaly damaged / Cannot burn a data project at all / VideoDVD Project loads nothing (cedric)
  • 0002030: [Bug] v4.0.8.56 ßeta: Sound Events in Bundled Blindwrite v6.0.8.93 are broken on a fresh installlation (cedric)
  • 0002031: [Bug] v4.0.8.56 ßeta: File Explorer Options / Change State on closing settings (cedric)
  • 0001987: [Suggestion] Do not show the Multi-Session window if disk is finalized (cedric)
  • 0001990: [Suggestion] Do not activate file/folder colors on an empty project (cedric)
  • 0001994: [Suggestion] v4.0.8.55 ßeta: Change the text for this value (To stay consistant) / Multi Instances (cedric)
  • 0001991: [Feature Request] Remember my File Explorer Options on closing manager (cedric)
  • 0001982: [Bug] v4.0.8.54 ßeta: Invalid Floating Point Operation (cedric)
  • 0001259: [Feature Request] add 3rd Party software in registry "DVDFabPlatinuim 4" (cedric)
  • 0001965: [Feature Request] Bring Back The Destination Window when burning .ISO file from Manager (cedric)
  • 0001958: [Bug] The launcher does not pick up other programs that are installed, only 1Click and Shrink and DVD Decrypter (cedric)
  • 0000582: [Bug] Manager doesn't start on Windows XP N (cedric)
  • 0001100: [Bug] File Depot not working in Vista (cedric)
  • 0000458: [Bug] v4.0.1.41: 2 x Crash Logs are generated (cedric)
  • 0001874: [Bug] v4.0.8 ßeta: Cannot Burn Anything (cedric)
  • 0001932: [Suggestion] v4.0.8.7 ßeta: Apply "Default Settings" on creation of a new (Local) user on my PC (cedric)
  • 0001934: [Suggestion] v4.0.8.7 ßeta: On the burn window, provide PID value and writer information (cedric)
  • 0001945: [Bug] v4.0.10.1 ßeta: Media Info Box shows a weird status with empty media (cedric)
  • 0000910: [Information] VSO Eraser VS Nero CDSpeed (Erase Feature) (cedric)
  • 0001911: [Suggestion] v4.0.7.32 ßeta: Loose your custom values if you reinstall the application. (cedric)
  • 0001910: [Bug] v4.0.7.32 ßeta: Will not burn on burner if [X] Add ISO File to burner list is not enabled (cedric)
  • 0001889: [Bug] Could not convert variant of type (String) into type (Double) (cedric)
  • 0001890: [Suggestion] Fresh Installation setting not equal to Default settings (cedric)
  • 0001880: [Bug] v4.0.7.16 Weird empty box in the all settings windows (cedric)
  • 0001834: [Bug] Crash Log file can't be saved on disk when trying to burn on DVD Burner & ISO Writer at the same time (cedric)
  • 0001870: [Bug] Shell extension does not work when elevation is required (cedric)
  • 0001867: [Bug] Multi-Instances Issues (cedric)
  • 0001859: [Suggestion] Please make the "Inserted Media Details" window look a little better (cedric)
  • 0001738: [Feature Request] What's the free space left on my media ? (cedric)
  • 0000656: [Bug] Regression : Audio CD volume "sounds" like if passed thru a low-pass volume filter (cedric)
  • 0001817: [Bug] ogg_tag.dll missing from the installer (cedric)
  • 0001835: [Suggestion] VSO Eraser v1.1.1.27 / No method selected by default (cedric)
  • 0001837: [Suggestion] Remove the lines in the log window (cedric)
  • 0001838: [Bug] Media ID no longer get's reported on the Manager bottom line (cedric)
  • 0001836: [Suggestion] Multi-Instance / No Burner selected, nothing happends (cedric)
  • 0001839: [Bug] Project details in the left panels needs to be revised (cedric)
  • 0001840: [Bug] Error during Audio track time determination. (cedric)
  • 0001148: [Bug] CD type selection dialog is not modal (cedric)
  • 0001750: [Bug] Caption, hint and menu items are not displayed correctly when language selected in application it's not the same of OS language. (cedric)
  • 0001245: [Suggestion] change wording in log file after burn completed (cedric)

Veranderingen voor v4.0.3 - v4.0.4b

  • 0000787: [Bug] No sound prompts with new installation (wesson)
  • 0000585: [Crash] Untimely error messages when exitting Windows after a successful burn without closing CopyToDVD (wesson)
  • 0000808: [Bug] Text cut of in Status window (wesson)
  • 0000793: [Bug] free space problem with mounted drives (wesson)
  • 0000744: [Bug] play wav file in vista when creating an audio cd, sound is distorted (wesson)
  • 0000807: [Bug] Audio CD problem with MP3 file (wesson)
  • Include latest Blindwrite Light version 4.0.4
  • Include Eraser

Veranderingen voor v4.0.1 - v4.0.3

  • [Bug] (P & A) English strings that doesn't exist in any spk files
  • [Feature Request] Detect if CD/DVD speed is not optimal, and repair if not optimal
  • [Bug] (P & A) text is too small for Japanese characters
  • [Suggestion] VMP v1.0.4.6 still has .APE as a valid music file / Add new supported extentions
  • [Bug] "playback string" 4.0.2 translation issue in setting
  • [Bug] Version 4.0.2 the Add files dialog does not show FLAC audio files.
  • [Bug] v4.0.2.49 burn 3 songs as audio cd result only 1 song on cd
  • [Feature Request] more info in log files (dma activated and what type of project)
  • [Bug] ( P&A) English string that doesn't exist in any spk files and a string which lower part is missing.
  • [Bug] (P&A) order by default and the actual order is inconsistent.
  • [Bug] (p & a ) burn data disk of music add vmp to project, once burn vmp cant read audio files burnt on disk
  • [Bug] 4.0.2 'send stats to vso' NOT CHECKED but 'Sending anonymous statistics' still appears iin log
  • [Bug] v4.0.2 for multisession, when settins say "ask what to do" when multi. disk inserted, copytodvd doesnt ask
  • [Bug] (P&A) program does not check correctly for version updates

Veranderingen voor v4.0.0.38 - v4.0.1

  • New manager include newest VSOShow DLL
  • Updates of registry location to be compliant with Vista.
  • Backup Scheduler tasks can be executed under a different user account.
  • Bundled with latest patin couffin 37 ( signed for Vista )
  • Support latest 18x speed DVD writer
  • Various minor interface problems
  • Updated translations

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