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Veranderingen voor v5.5 Build 2822 - v5.5 build 2837

  • Recoded the browser search algorithm to accommodate more browser names and paths. This change allows searches in newer Windows versions to include both the 32- and 64-bit program directories.

Veranderingen voor v5.5 Build 2819 - v5.5 Build 2822

  • Compensated for a breathtakingly stupid Netbeans bug that won't allow any project files to exist that it cannot compile. This bug caused all the template files to be deleted from the most recent build.

Veranderingen voor v5.5 build 2812 - v5.5 Build 2819

  • Added the ability to change the editor's font size by holding down the Ctrl key while spinning the mouse wheel — a feature I see everywhere now.

Veranderingen voor v5.5 build 2792 - v5.5 build 2803

  • Fixed a bug in a numeric parser that failed to detect a hexadecimal modifier.

Veranderingen voor v5.5 build 2781 - v5.5 build 2792

  • Fixed a parser bug that detected and reported nonexistent FTP errors.

Veranderingen voor v5.5 build 2772 - v5.5 build 2781

  • Fixed a bug resulting from continued use of Java 1.6 in some places. Users should upgrade to Java 1.7 if at all possible.

Veranderingen voor v5.5 build 2705 - v5.5 build 2712

  • Changed Windows installation package for consistency with newer Windows versions and conventions.

Veranderingen voor 5.4 (build 2461) - v5.5 build 2705

  • 5.5 2705 08/20/2012 Adjusted build parameters to allow operation on Java 1.6 (some users cannot use the current Java version, 1.7).
  • 5.5 2703 08/19/2012 Updated browser search list, added/edited items in FAQ list.
  • 5.5 2691 03/26/2012 Fixed a bug in the instant-search feature that launched an unnecessary dialog.
  • 5.5 2688 03/16/2012 Restored the function of the user-definable syntax colors dialog.
  • 5.5 2671 10/17/2011 Fixed an error in the Windows application-launch registry entry that incorrectly referenced the installation executable instead of the Java executable.
  • 5.5 2665 10/06/2011 Fixed a bug in which the default suffix for HTML/XHTML was set to "xhtml", but there is no template with that suffix. The remedy was to change the order of suffixes in the filetype definition file so "html" appears first.
  • 5.5 2661 10/06/2011 Added support for plain-text LaTeX source files in a simple way — by adding a new filetype to the FileTypes.txt configuration file that uses the C syntax coloring engine and honors the .tex suffix. If people want more sophisticated syntax coloring for this file type, I will work on it, but users are better off designing LaTeX content using my online LaTeX editor located at and/or by acquiring a copy of the LyX editor located at .
  • 5.5 2657 10/03/2011 Updated documentation to reflect the many recent changes, added more file suffixes to the default configuration.
  • 5.5 2652 10/03/2011 Tuned the [FindSetFocus] algorithm for more reliability, modified the status bar content code to remove outdated data.
  • 5.5 2644 10/03/2011 Reworked the find/replace invocation function [FindSetFocus] (default Ctrl+F) to pick up any short document text selection the user may have made and copy it into the find text pane, then while shifting focus, select the entire find entry in case deletion is intended.
  • 5.5 2635 10/02/2011 Redesigned the search/replace panel for smaller size, better appearance and functionality. Moved search result text to status bar.
  • 5.5 2627 10/02/2011 Fixed a bug that prevented reestablishment of syntax coloring after a file content update, enabled first-key navigation in the file picker dialog.
  • 5.5 2619 09/29/2011 Added code beautifiers for Bash shell scripts and Ruby source files. Added two new system commands to allow interaction with external programs so any external scripts can be used to process Arachnophilia documents by way of macros (read how to use these new features at or by way of your local documentation copy). Fixed a bug in the Document-to-HTML converter.
  • 5.5 2603 09/28/2011 Fixed a bug that prevented saving a zero-length file, coded a way to right-click individual menu items for macro editing.
  • 5.5 2592 09/27/2011 Fixed a user-reported bug in the search/replace routines.
  • 5.5 2585 09/27/2011 Fixed some small bugs, restored the ability to move between documents with a keystroke.
  • 5.5 2577 09/26/2011 Restored a long-lost feature of Java applications — an audible, cross-platform beep as user feedback for errors and unexpected outcomes.
  • 5.5 2561 09/26/2011 Reworked the toolbar structure and the toolbar show/hide command. To see these changes, users need to delete the directory located at (user home directory)/.Arachnophilia.
  • 5.5 2542 09/26/2011 Created, edited and corrected old and new templates for the greater number of file types now supported.
  • 5.5 2537 09/25/2011 Updated the documentation to reflect recent changes.
  • 5.5 2531 09/25/2011 Rewrote the Doc-to-HTML converter for greater efficiency and smaller output size.
  • 5.5 2522 09/24/2011 This new version replaces the old, lame syntax-coloring editor with a new, better one (, with full-time syntax coloring, many more supported file types, and simultaneous line wrapping. Because RSyntaxTextArea is licensed under the LGPL, and because I think I would not be able to figure out which source files would, and would not, need to be published under the LGPL, I have decided to publish all the Arachnophilia source files with this version (see for details).
  • To upgrade to this new release, prior users will need to delete their Arachnophilia user directories, located at (user home directory)/.Arachnophilia.
  • Note to Arachnophilia power users — check out the new Nimbus look & feel: Tools ... Set Look & Feel — Nimbus.

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