Versie historie van ActiveSMART

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Veranderingen voor v2.8 - v2.9 Beta

  • Added Disk Space Analyzer to scan the hard drive and show the disk space usage
  • Many bugs were fixed
  • Released: November 19, 2010
  • Expires: December 20, 2010

Veranderingen voor v2.71 - v2.8

  • Added notebooks support - ActiveSMART detects notebook power mode changes and enables Power-Saving mode to save the battery power
  • Updated S.M.A.R.T. attributes definitions
  • Added support for Airflow temperature attribute

Veranderingen voor v2.7 - v2.71

  • Added log message when one of the SMART attributes crosses custom threshold (if Custom Attribute Notification used)
  • Added full support for Fahrenheit temperature scale
  • Some minor bugs were fixed

Veranderingen voor v2.62 - v2.7

  • Added Total Free Space informaton on all hard drive volumes (Overview tab)
  • Added Disk Monitoring Statistics
  • + reallocated (bad) blocks number
  • + pending blocks number
  • + SMART events counter
  • + date of the last event
  • + Power-On Hours
  • Added the hard drive temperature tray icon
  • Added buttons - Next attribute and Previous attribute in Attribute Lifetime Simulation window
  • Rewritten program settings - now they are tabbed
  • Added new preferences option "Only critical notifications" - enabled by default (No more annoying popups)
  • Updated S.M.A.R.T. attributes information
  • GUI facelifted
  • Hard drive temperature changes do not logged now
  • Balloon tip appears only when S.M.A.R.T. attribute changed
  • Fixed emergency hibernation issue
  • Fixed USB devices blocking when ActiveSMART is running
  • Improved Power Management support
  • Fixed issue with greayed Exit menu item in Tray icon
  • Some minor bugs were fixed

Veranderingen voor v2.6.547 Beta 3 - v2.6

  • Windows Vista compatible
  • Application structure rewritten, now it's completely service based
  • Added SSL authentication for the Email notifications
  • Fixed bug with custom notifications
  • Fixed some minor bugs

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