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Veranderingen voor v6.38.3 - v6.38.4

  • *) chr - fixed problem when transmit speed was reduced by interface queues;
  • *) dhcpv6-server - require "address-pool" to be specified;
  • *) export - do not show "read-only" IRQ entries;
  • *) filesystem - implemented procedures to verify and restore internal file structure integrity upon upgrading;
  • *) firewall - do not allow to set "time" parameter to 0s for "limit" option;
  • *) hotspot - fixed redirect to URL where escape characters are used (requires newly generated HTML files);
  • *) hotspot - show Host table commentaries also in Active tab and vice versa;
  • *) ike1 - fixed “xauth” Radius login;
  • *) ike2 - also kill IKEv2 connections on proposal change;
  • *) ike2 - always limit empty remote selector;
  • *) ike2 - fixed proposal change crash;
  • *) ike2 - fixed responder subsequent new child creation when PFS is used;
  • *) ike2 - fixed responder TS updating on wild match;
  • *) ipsec - deducted policy SA src/dst address from src/dst address;
  • *) ipsec - do not require "sa-dst-address" if "action=none" or "action=discard";
  • *) ipsec - fixed SA address check in policy lookup;
  • *) ipsec - hide SA address for transport policies;
  • *) ipsec - keep policy in kernel even with bad proposal;
  • *) ipsec - kill ph2 on policy removal;
  • *) ipsec - updated/fixed Radius attributes;
  • *) irq - properly detect all IRQ entries;
  • *) l2tp-client - fixed IPSec policy generation after reboot;
  • *) l2tp-client - require working IPSec encryption if "use-ipsec=yes";
  • *) lcd - show fan2 speed only if it is available;
  • *) profile - classify ethernet driver activity properly in ARM architecture;
  • *) snmp - added SSID to CAPsMAN registration table;
  • *) snmp - fixed "/tool snmp-get" crash on session timeout;
  • *) snmp - fixed CAPsMAN registration table OID print;
  • *) snmp - fixed situation when SNMP could not read "/system health" values after reboot;
  • *) userman - allow access to User Manager users page only through "/user" URL;
  • *) userman - show warning when no users are selected for CSV file generation;
  • *) winbox - do not hide "power-cycle-after" option;
  • *) winbox - hide advertise tab in Hotspot user profile configuration if "transparent-proxy" is not enabled;
  • *) winbox - make "power-cycle-interval" not to depend on "power-cycle-ping-enabled" in PoE settings;
  • *) winbox - properly show BGP communities in routing filters table filter;
  • *) wireless - fixed scan tool stuck in background;
  • *) wireless - improved compatibility with Intel 2200BG wireless card;

Veranderingen voor v3.5 - v3.6

  • improved spectrum analyzer tool - added density view, other improvements
  • changing link settings could cause a spike of traffic in graph, fixed

Veranderingen voor v3.4 - v3.5

  • spectrum analyzer tool
  • open files dialog sometimes could crash
  • fixed log file management
  • improved logs entries to include ip address if available

Veranderingen voor v3.3 - v3.4

  • fixed find
  • improved unicode support
  • minimal probe interval now 1 second

Veranderingen voor v3.2 - v3.3

  • improved dude admin and device password security
  • fixed devices loosing dns names
  • fixed snmp
  • other fixes

Veranderingen voor v3.1 - v3.2

  • some status information in dude client could not be up to date in some cases
  • fixed chart drawing - graphs sometimes could be drawn out of bounds
  • fixed outages table - sometimes was selecting 'virtual memory' probe
  • fixed running external tools - sometimes could crash dude client
  • fixed compatibility with new routeros packages
  • fixed dude web server on routeros could not work
  • improved bandwidth conservation
  • other fixes

Veranderingen voor v3.0 - v3.1

  • routeros dude supports multiple stores
  • fixed occasional server crash
  • fixed client crash in open/save file or color chooser dialog
  • fixed client crash when closing some windows
  • other fixes

Veranderingen voor v3.0 RC 3 - v3.0

  • fixed - client could sometimes crash when scrolling a table
  • fixed - search for unexisting items made dude unresponsive
  • fixed - charts sometimes could show incorrect data
  • other fixes

Veranderingen voor v3.0 RC 2 - v3.0 RC 3

  • fix bug in web server introduced in previous release
  • other bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v3.0 RC 1 - v3.0 RC 2

  • routeros dude package is now independent from routeros version
  • fixed bug - opening notification -> advanced tab was crashing
  • fixed bug - dude could not handle large network map backgrounds
  • other bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v3.0 Beta 7 - v3.0 Beta 8

  • F11 puts any panel in fullscreen mode
  • reworked font stuff, only uses fonts added to dude server for exact output on different clients (fonts have to be added to files just like images)
  • routeros server can export maps/charts
  • routeros web server can display maps/charts
  • added many traslations, simple language choosing from 'Preferences'
  • dropped support for windows metafile, not possible to render in routeros environment
  • improved svg, png image support
  • map, chart output to many new formats - bmp, jpeg, ps, svg
  • drag&drop files to/from dude server and routeros devices
  • drop files straight on routeros device in network map to upload
  • server files can be organized in directories
  • fixed bug - dude could freeze when opening device window
  • fixed bug - dude server could stop polling
  • improved mac mappings - refresh of mac mappings is distributed evenly across refresh interval to avoid traffic congestion
  • many other bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v3.0 Beta 6 - v3.0 Beta 7

  • improved pdf export
  • double click in contents pane replaces all existing panes by default (configurable in Settings->Misc)
  • improved dude server for routeros
  • support for dude server on RB333
  • server files support drag&drop
  • handle client and server time differences correctly
  • other bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v3.0 Beta 4 - v3.0 Beta 5

  • added week scale to charts
  • fixed ping/traceroute from agents
  • improved compatibility with some snmp agents
  • time and date variables in notifications added
  • improved filters
  • some memory leaks fixed
  • big images as network map background could not work
  • many other fixes

Veranderingen voor v3.0 Beta 3 - v3.0 Beta 4

  • mib modules shows missing imports if any
  • routeros simple queues management
  • horizontal scroll bar in lists and tables
  • other ui improvements
  • macaddresses are resolved to manufacturer names
  • new snmp table - dhcp leases
  • new ros tables - arp, route, dhcp leases
  • mac to ip address mapping table
  • devices can be binded to mac address
  • polling of services can be disabled per service, device, map, globally
  • dude server can work as service again
  • added syslog server
  • added mib modules for cisco wireless, canopy, alvarion, avantcom, colubris, smartbridges, ieee 802.11, redline, ceragon, wimax, orinoco, proxim, atmel, trango, tranzeo
  • network map label refresh interval is now configurable
  • bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v3.0 Beta 2 - v3.0 Beta 3

  • copy and paste feature added to network maps and all lists and tables, also paste in text editor and you get xml configuration for later use
  • discovery sometimes could stall
  • fixed traceroute tool
  • resolves dns names in traceroute and ping tools
  • other bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v3.0 Beta 1 - v3.0 Beta 2

  • added speech notification
  • bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v2.1 - v2.2

  • fixed loading of maps, sometimes could stall
  • fixed too many digits after comma bug
  • other bug fixes

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