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Versie historie van Core Temp (Portable 32-Bit)

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Veranderingen voor v1.8.1 - v1.9

  • - New: Intel Skylake-SP and Skylake-X support.
  • - New: Preliminary Kaby Lake-X support.
  • - Fix: Windows 10 support.
  • - Fix: Sandy Bridge-E/EN/EP, Ivy Bridge-E/EN/EP, Haswell-E/EP, Broadwell-E/EP codename recognition.

Veranderingen voor v1.7 - v1.8.1

  • - New: AMD Ryzen support.
  • - New: Power consumption notification area (system tray) icon.
  • - New: Intel/VIA, right click the Frequency to select which core's frequency to display.
  • - Fix: Power draw figures are only available on CPU #0 in multi processor systems.
  • - Fix: BSOD on some Intel systems.
  • - Fix: Core Temp locks up after waking up system from suspend/hibernation due to overheating protection.
  • - Fix: AMD Athlon FX-60 Dual Core recognition.
  • - Known issues: Some systems running Windows 10 Anniversary may still have driver load failure.

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