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Versie historie van Tribler (64-bit)

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Veranderingen voor v7.0.0 - v7.1.0 mining-preview

  • A preview version of our upcoming feature: token mining. Token mining is an automated process where you can earn bandwidth tokens by uploading content to others. To start mining, go to one of your discovered channels and click the mining button. Tribler will attempt to optimize the number of uploaded data while protecting your anonymity.

Veranderingen voor v7.0.0 - v7.0.1

  • fixed a GUI crash when torrent health information comes in
  • fixed a crash when building anonymous tunnels
  • fixed a GUI crash when receiving search results
  • fixed a GUI crash when clicking on home page items that are not fully loaded yet
  • fixed a crash when receiving torrent metainfo from the DHT
  • added a disk space monitor and implemented a warning when the amount of free disk space is low
  • fixed a crash when removing RSS feeds from your channel
  • fixed a crash when entering invalid numbers for the maximum download/upload rates
  • fixed an issue in the GUI where the magnet link was not correctly decoded for homepage items
  • fixed a crash when loading recent picked locations for downloads
  • fixed a crash when a torrent with an invalid infohash is added

Veranderingen voor v7.0.0 RC 5 - v7.0.0

  • Redesigned the user interface and dropped wxPython in favor of PyQt.
  • Made a clean separation between the user interface and the Tribler core. This significantly improves speed and stability.
  • Deployed a blockchain fabric within Tribler to keep track of bandwidth contributions.
  • Added new RESTful API for developers.
  • Created a twistd plugin, allowing users to run Tribler without a user interface.
  • Refactored our test suite significantly. Unit tests execute faster now and are more reliable.
  • Improved the build process of the Tribler executable on Windows and macOS.
  • Updated dependencies of Tribler to the latest versions.
  • Fixed compatibility with latest versions of libtorrent.
  • Improved integration of the Twisted framework with the Tribler codebase.
  • Executables on Windows are now signed.
  • Fixed many race conditions due to context switches between various threads.
  • Improved error reporting functionality when Tribler crashes.
  • Improved the debug panel and expanded it with additional information.
  • Fixed various memory leaks when running Tribler for several hours or days.
  • Improved Unicode support.
  • Fixed various bugs when receiving malformed packets from other peers.

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