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EscSoft iDumpVideo2iPod v1.2.0.4

Vista / Win2k / Win7 / WinXP
ErcSoft's iDumpVideo2iPod is a tool used to convert many types of video files into a format suitable for an Apple iPod. Supported input formats include AVI, WMV, TiVo, MPEG, MJPEG, MP4, MOV and more. The program can also accept a DVD-Video input, but it cannot copy content from an encrypted DVD source so a third party utility would have to be used to rip unprotected DVD-Video content to the computer before iDumpVideo2iPod can handle it.

iDumpVideo2iPod is designed for ease-of-use, with a simple interface that does most of the work. It attempts to keep file sizes small while not compromising too much on quality. It has a built in feature that allows you to sample a video. The program will select a portion of the video, quickly content it and provide a preview to the user of what to expect from the output.

It also has a built in tag editor so you can set all of the relevant tag information easily as part of the process.

iDumpVideo2iPod requires iTunes 9 be installed and that your iPod firmware be 3.1.1 (touch) or newer. The trial version will work for 7 days before it expires. It has not been tested on 64-bit Windows.


EscSoft iDumpVideo2iPod v1.1.0.0 EscSoft iDumpVideo2iPod v1.1.0.0
Licentietype Shareware1
Datum waarop toegevoegd 20 aug 2013
Downloads 9
Bestandsgrootte 26.94 MB (< 4min @ 1Mbps)
Ondersteunde talen English
Besturingssystemen Vista / Win2k / Win7 / WinXP1

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